Love Action Drama Box Office Collection – Nivin Pauly, Nayan

Nivin Pauly – Nayanthara team’s Onam release Love Action Drama, which marks the directorial debut of Dhyan Sreenivasan, has hit the screens on September 5, with lukewarm response from audience and critics alike. Our reviewer said, “Dialogue humor helps Love Action Drama a lot in being engaging to an extent. The movie is a lousily written comedy that has an extremely confident Nivin Pauly at the center. Walking out, you will have Nivin Pauly somewhere in your headspace, not the movie or its story.”

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However, the romantic comedy entertainer has had a decent start at the box office. It has collected around 7.58 Lakhs with an average audience occupancy of 88% from Kochi multiplexes on its opening day. Take a look at the box office report of Love Action Drama.

Worldwide Collection

Region Collection
Kerala 20.46 Crore
Rest of India 2.5 Crore
Overseas 7.2 Crore
Gross Collection 30.16 Crore

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
5-Sep-2019 1st Day Collection 1.9 Crore 1.9 Crore
10-Sep-2019 6 Days Collection 8.22 Crore
12-Sep-2019 8 Days Collection 12 Crore
15-Sep-2019 11 Days Collection 16.22 Crore
3-Oct-2019 29 Days Collection 20.46 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
5-Sep-2019 1st Day Collection 7.58 Lakhs 7.58 Lakhs
6-Sep-2019 2nd Day Collection 4.57 Lakhs 12.15 Lakhs
10-Sep-2019 6th Day Collection 5.17 Lakhs 33.14 Lakhs
15-Sep-2019 11th Day Collection 5.81 Lakhs 61.63 Lakhs

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