Oozham box office collection report – Opening day collection

As expected the hit combo Jeethu Joseph – Prithviraj movie Oozham has started it box office journey in a high note. The movie has been getting positive reviews like Oppam from the first show. Heavy rush has been experieced in many main centers like Kochi and Trivandrum on its opening day.  It has collected 1.16 Crores from Kerala boxoffice on its opening day with a share of 55 Lakhs. 

Update: After its first week runtime in box office, it has collected over 7.14 crores (8 days), which is a very good opening compared to normal standards.

At Kochi multiplexes it has clocked 9.56 lakhs from 40 shows. On the second day it has collected 7.34 lakhs  and making the gross of 16.91 lakhs in two days in Kochi multiplexes

Date Day Collection Gross
08-Sep-2016 1st Day collection 1.16 Crores 1.16 Crores
09-Sep-2016 2nd Day Collection 96 Lacs 2.12 Crores
10-Sep-2016 3rd Day Collection 1.13 Crores 3.25 Crores
11 Sep 2016 4th Day Collection 1.23 Crores 4.48 Crores
12-Sep-2016 5th Day Collection 93 Lacs 5.41 Crores
13-Sep-2016 6th Day Collection 1.05 Crores 6.46 Crores
14-Sep-2016 8th Day Collection 7.14 Crores
17-Sep-2016 11th Day collection 10.61 Crores
21-Sep-2016 15th Day Collection 12.20 Crores
26-Sep-2016 20th Day Collection 14.22 Crores
12-Oct-2016 36th Day Collection 15.76 Crores
26-Oct-2016 50th Day Collection 16.08 Crores

*All figures are approximate

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