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Must awaited Malayalam movie Oppam has been released on 8th Sep 2016 along with Prithviraj starrer Oozham. Mohanlal-Priyadarshan duo has regained their magic in the silver screen as the movie is getting really good review from everywhere. The movie has collected 1.56 crore from Kerala boxoffice with 1.26 crore net and 74 lakhs share on its opening day. Recent failures of both Mohanlal and Priyadarshan in delivering good movies affected the initial collection. Even though there was great build up for the release, audience cautiously approached the movie. But good word of mouth helped to get good collections later in the day. It ended first week end with 7.24 crores from boxoffice and has a very good chance to break Premam‘s record of highest first week collection (10.30 Crores).

Update: Oppam has now became the highest first week grosser among the Malayalam movies. It has collected 12.60 Crores from the first week. It has crossed 20 Crores on the 12th day and became the fastest to reach that milestone. It has become fastest 30 Crore gross in the Kerala box office on 30 Sep 2016 beating record created by Premam in 2015.

At Kochi multiplexes, Oppam has collected 8.40 lakhs from 41 shows. It has less occupancy compared to Oozham but the good WOM will help the movie to attract more audiences. On second day at Kochi multiplexes it collected 8.30 lakhs from 32 shows thus making a total of 16.7 lakhs.  The first weekend at Kochi boxoffice started well by collection 8.60 lakhs from 27 shows with more than 80% occupancies. Kochi Multiplexes gross clocked 44.38 lakhs after 5th day. On the 11th day after its release, it has collected just over 1 Crore from Kochi multiplexes.

It has crossed the share of Drishyam and now holds second position among Malayalam films after Pulimurugan.

Date Day Collection Gross
08-Sep-2016 1st Day collection 1.56 Crores 1.56 Crores
09-Sep-2016 2nd Day Collection 1.77 Crores 3.33 Crores
10-Sep-2016 3rd Day Collection 1.89 Crores 5.22 Crores
11-Sep-2016 4th Day Collection 2.02 Crores 7.24 Crores
12-Sep-2016 5th Day Collection 1.04 Crores 8.28 Crores
13-Sep-2016 6th Day Collection 2.05 Crores 10.33 Crores
14-Sep-2016 7th Day Collection 2.27 Crores 12.60 Crores
16-Sep-2016 9th Day Collection 16.14 Crores
22-Sep-2016 15th Day Collection 23.70 Crores
29-Sep-2016 22nd Day Collection 29.60 Crores
03-Oct-2016 26th Day Collection 32.83 Crores
05-Oct-2016 28th Day Collection 33.60 Crores
08-Oct-2016 31st Day Collection 34.72 Crores
16-Oct-2016 39th Day Collection 36.74 Crores
20-Oct-2016 43rd Day Collection 38.36 Crores
03-Nov-2016 57th Day Collection 41.03 Crores

Kochi Multiplexes Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
08-Sep-2016 1st Day collection 8.40 Lacs 8.40 Lacs
09-Sep-2016 2nd Day Collection 8.30 Lacs 16.70 Lacs
10-Sep-2016 3rd Day Collection 8.60 Lacs 25.30 Lacs
11-Sep-2016 4th Day Collection 9.78 Lacs 35.08 Lacs
12-Sep-2016 5th Day Collection 9.39 Lacs 44.47 Lacs
13-Sep-2016 6th Day Collection 10.01 Lacs 54.38 Lacs
14-Sep-2016 7th Day Collection 9.63 Lacs 64.01 Lacs
15-Sep-2016 8th Day Collection 10.25 Lacs 74.01 Lacs
16-Sep-2016 9th Day Collection 8.94 Lacs 82.94 Lacs
17-Sep-2016 10th Day Collection 9.00 Lacs 91.94 Lacs
18-Sep-2016 11th Day Collection 10.08 Lacs 1.02 Crores
02-Nov-2016 56th Day Collection 1.91 Crores
Kochi Multiplexes Collection Courtesy: Snehasallapam

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