Mahaakshay Chakraborty’s Rosh Release Date Confirmed For May 2023

The Indian film industry loves making interesting crime thrillers, and Rosh, an upcoming Hindi movie, is set to be another great example. With a talented cast, an exciting story, and beautiful music, Rosh has everything it needs to be a hit. Directed by Jayveer Panghaal and produced by Mates Entertainment and Shivan Music, the film is ready to capture the hearts of Indian movie fans who enjoy mystery, suspense, and thrilling action.

Information Details
Release Date May 1, 2023
Cast Nikita Soni, Alina Rai, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Yesh Raj, Vrajesh Hirjee, Govind Panday, Ruchi Tiwari, Allu Ashish Soni, Mimo Chakraborty, Virajesh Heerji, Jill Kilroy
Director Jayveer Panghaal
Producers Mates Entertainment, Shivan Music, Amrut Lal Soni, Jayveer Panghaal, Sachin Garg
Writer Jayveer Panghaal
Music Monty Sharma
Cinematography Abhay Anand
Production Company Mates Entertainment, Shivan Music
Genre Crime Thriller

Rosh Confirmed For May 2023 Release

Actress of Rosh

The captivating crime thriller, Rosh, is set to enthral audiences on May 1, 2023. With its gripping storyline, stellar performances, and evocative music, this Hindi film is eagerly awaited by Indian movie enthusiasts. Mark your calendars and get ready for a cinematic treat!


Rosh features a gifted cast, which comprises Nikita Soni as Ronika, Alina Rai as Alina, Mahaakshay Chakraborty as Rajat Khanna, and Yesh Raj (Yr) as Ganesh. Enhancing the star quotient are Vrajesh Hirjee as Champat, Govind Panday as Inspector, Ruchi Tiwari as Ganesh’s wife, Allu Ashish Soni as Jignesh, Mimo Chakraborty, Virajesh Heerji, and Jill Kilroy.

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Production Details

Rosh 2023 movie production

ParticularsRosh is collaboratively produced by Amrut Lal Soni, Jayveer Panghaal, and Sachin Garg. The driving force behind the film, Jayveer Panghaal, has donned multiple hats, contributing the story, screenplay, dialogue, and lyrics. The movie is further enriched by Monty Sharma’s musical expertise, while Abhay Anand’s cinematography provides striking visuals. With such a proficient team working diligently behind the scenes, Rosh promises to be an audio-visual feast for its viewers.


Set amidst an exhilarating crime drama, Rosh delves into the shadowy world of deceit and subterfuge. The plot revolves around an ill-fated accident involving Ronika, Alina, and Rajat, which triggers a series of events that obscure the distinction between hero and villain. As the narrative progresses, the characters wrestle with moral quandaries, and the audience is left pondering who to support.

The enigmatic connection between delivery boy Ganesh and businessman Rajat Khanna adds another dimension of intricacy to the plot. With each twist and turn, Rosh keeps the spectators guessing, as the characters traverse the perilous path of right and wrong.


Music launch from rosh 2023 - de daru pani thoda kam

The film’s music is crafted by the accomplished Monty Sharma, with Jayveer Singh providing the lyrics. The soundtrack is anticipated to be a vital component of the movie, elevating the thrilling tale with depth and emotion.

Crew Details

Rosh, an enthralling Hindi crime thriller, is directed and written by Jayveer Panghaal, who has also contributed to the screenplay and story. The film is co-produced by Amrut Lal Soni, Jayveer Panghaal, and Sachin Garg. The captivating ensemble cast includes Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Nikita Soni, Yesh Raj, and Alina Rai. The movie’s visual brilliance is credited to cinematographer Abhay Anand, while Alok Singh’s editing enhances the narrative flow. Monty Sharma’s evocative music adds depth to the film, which is backed by Mates Entertainment and Shivan Music.

Final Words

With its captivating plot, exceptional cast, and emotive music, Rosh is poised to offer an unforgettable cinematic journey for Indian film enthusiasts. As the release date of May 1, 2023, nears, anticipation mounts for this enthralling crime thriller that is set to explore the blurred lines between good and evil.

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