Who Were Bling Empire Star Anna Shay Parents? All About Her Billionaire Family!

Anna shay, an heiress and los angeles socialite who became a breakout star on the netflix reality show “Bling empire,” has died. She turned 62. The first season of the reality show started on january 15, 2021. It showed viewers the lives of wealthy asians in los angeles who, perhaps surprisingly, turned out to be exciting and have many sides.

Our favorite person on bling empire was the excellent anna shay, who never missed a chance to teach the audience or her other friends something. Everything in life has consequences,” she said at one point. At another, he said, “I don’t feel like competing. I find it very frustrating. So, who was this diva who wanted to be a star? Who were anna shay’s parents? Keep going.

Who Was Anna Shay?

Anna shay was a tv personality and one of the main stars of the reality show “Bling empire.” she was born on december 31, 1960, in tokyo, japan. Shay attended a catholic elementary school and the university of california, where he got his degree. Anna shay was on the netflix show bling empire for the first time in 2021. In october 2022, the show returned to television for its third season.

The show follows the lives of a group of wealthy asian and asian-american socialites in los angeles. Anna shay became famous because of her lavish lifestyle, unique personality, and mysterious family history. She became one of the show’s best-known stars very quickly.

Anna Shay

Who Were Anna Shay Parents?

Anna shay’s parents, edward shay (father) and ai oizumi shay (mother). Her parents moved the family to Los Angeles from Tokyo in 1968, Her father started the defense company pacific architects and engineers, which works worldwide. The company worked with weapons and other tech that the military used.

Edward grew up on the South Side of Chicago and started the private defense company Pacific Architects and Engineers in 1955. The U.K. and the U.S. are among the countries that have hired the business. Died In 1995

Anna’s japanese and russian mother, ai-san, died in 2015, 20 years after edward. She was from a family that sent pearls and silk flowers worldwide. Reality titbit says that the late pair got along well because they both worked in exports and met during world war ii.

The princess and her brother sold their father’s company for a massive amount in 2006. If she and her brother split the money evenly, the famous anna was worth more than $600 million at the time.

_Anna Shay father edward shay

Who Is Anna Shay Son?

Anna shay’s kid’s name is kenny kemp. Anna says on the show that she married four times and divorced four times. anna met her son at the bowling alley, where anna went to meet up with her group of younger friends. He had a very successful business of his own: collecting glass bongs and rigs worth five figures.

As the “Sole heir to hundreds of millions of dollars,” kenny did his own glass business. A 2015 buzzfeed article says, “When you’re hanging out in his mother’s basement, you can smoke out of a black glock, a bear-shaped like a honey jar, or a monkey in a suit smoking a cigarette while holding a banana like a gun.”

Even though not much is known about kemp’s life, he and his mum have both made short appearances on the show.

Anna Shay Son

Anna Died In 2023 From A Stroke

Anna Shay died of a stroke when she was 62, which was a surprise. Anna’s family gave an exclusive message to PEOPLE about her death on June 5, 2023. The exact date of her death is not known.

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