Is Brandi Carlile Related To Belinda Carlisle? Let’s Find The Truth

Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle are both well-known singers who make music in their own unique ways. Carlile is a country singer who has won several Grammy Awards for her take on Americana music. Carlisle, on the other hand, was a member of the all-female pop group The Go-Gos and helped make the music of an age.

People want to know if Belinda Carlisle and Brandi Carlile are related to each other. Scroll down and keep reading this article to find out if Belinda Carlisle and Brandi Carlile are related and to learn more about them.

Is Brandi Carlile Related To Belinda Carlisle?

According to, Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle are not related to each other in any way. Brandi Carlile is an American singer-songwriter, author, and campaigner whose music includes folk rock, alternative country, Americana, and classic rock. She was born in Ravensdale, Washington, on June 1, 1981. As of 2021, she has put out seven studio records.

On the other hand, Belinda Carlisle is an American singer who became famous as the lead singer of the Go-Go’s, a popular all-female band in the 1980s. She was born on August 17, 1958, in Hollywood, California. In addition to her work with the Go-Go’s, she has also put out several records by herself. Even though their last names sound alike, Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle are not related.

In her initial Instagram post, Carlile wrote, “It finally happened… and although Belinda Carlisle and I are now best friends. We ARE NOT the same person!”

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Are Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle sisters?

Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle are not sisters. As we said above, They are two different people with last names that sound close to each other, but they are not related.

On Friday, after years of having their names confused, Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle eventually met at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There was neither a harmonic convergence nor a disruption of the force, but it was a very nice impromptu photo opportunity.

When asked by Variety in the Hall of Fame press room on Saturday night about the meeting the day before, Carlile said:

“I’ve been getting called Belinda Carlisle since I started making music and having my name anywhere on a marquee. I mean, I would pull up to theaters and have it say ‘Belinda Carlisle,’ or ‘Brandi Carlisle’ with the S. And I think Belinda’s been getting some of the same shit over the course of the last decade or two. So we finally met yesterday and decided to get a photo together so people would see that we’re two different people. I am in love with her and so happy for the Go-Go’s and couldn’t be more honored and excited to be confused for such an absolute killer.”

Brandi Carlile is a Grammy-Winning Singer

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile burst onto the music scene in the mid-2000s and swiftly ascended the ranks of the industry. The Recording Academy first acknowledged her in 2016, commending her fifth album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter, with a nomination for Best Americana Album.

Following that success, her subsequent project, By the Way, I Forgive You, triumphed at the 2019 Grammys, clinching the prestigious Best Americana Album award and even vying for Album of the Year. The lead single, “The Joke,” not only secured victories for Best American Roots Song and Best American Roots Performance but also garnered nominations for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Continuing her winning streak, Carlile earned more accolades at the 2020 Grammys, this time as a producer on Tanya Tucker’s album While I’m Livin’. In 2021, she clinched her sixth Grammy with “Crowded Table,” a collaborative effort with esteemed female country singers Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby.

In 2023, Carlile further bolstered her Grammy credentials with additional nominations for Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of The Go-Gos

The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat

In the early 1980s, Carlisle gained fame as the lead singer of The Go-Gos, an all-female band renowned for their hits like “Vacation” and “We Got the Beat.” In 1982, the group received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, and the following year their album “Vacation” was recognized for Best Packaging.

After the band’s breakup just two years later, Carlisle embarked on her own solo career. She achieved success with multiple hit singles, including “Mad About You” and the chart-topping “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.” As a solo artist, Carlisle’s notable achievement was receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1988, specifically for her song “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.”

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