Caleb Willingham Cause of Death: How did ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Star, Tammy Slaton’s husband die?

The star of 1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton, had to deal with the sudden death of her husband, Caleb Willingham, when they were just married. In 2022, Tammy and Caleb met for the first time at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

In October of that year, they got proposed to, and in November, they had a small ceremony at the centre to get married. Bill, a nurse and close friend was the officiant at the wedding.

Tammy talked about how unique her wedding was. But five months later, Tammy is said to have broken up with Caleb. Read on to find the cause of the death of Caleb Willingham.

caleb willingham

How did Caleb Willingham from 1000-Lb Sisters die?

“All indications showed to be a natural death caused by a medical issue,” according to a police report that Radar Online got. The public has not yet seen the autopsy. The investigation was “concluded” by the police after they found “no signs of criminal activity or foul play.”

According to the story, first responders were with Caleb when he passed out. Even though paramedics tried CPR at the scene, they were not able to save his life. The report said that Caleb’s death was “turned over” to the Sandusky County Coroner’s office because emergency workers couldn’t reach his doctor at the time of his death.

caleb willingham

Tammy Slaton told how she learned about his death

In an interview with PEOPLE, Tammy talked about the moment she found out Caleb had died. “His friend up there sent me a text message that said, ‘Caleb’s not doing well.'” They have him under care in that room. “After 20 minutes, he texted me back to say he was gone,” she said.

Since he died, Tammy told everyone that his ashes were turned into jewellery. Wearing it makes her feel closer to him. “Just knowing he’s with me makes the day go by faster.” A lot of the time, I grab my pendant and hold it. I get weird feelings about being alone when I take off my jewellery. “I start to freak out,” she told the news source.

caleb willingham

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For how long did Caleb Willingham and Tammy Slaton stay married?

The two met at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in 2022. In October, they got engaged, and by November, they were married. They said, “I do”, at the Ohio rehab centre where they met.

“I saw doves and butterflies around me when I saw Caleb at the altar. It was like God had opened the clouds and let the sun in,” Tammy told People at the time. “It was great.” There was a lot of love in the room on our wedding day. I got married to my best friend.

caleb willingham

They broke up because Caleb wasn’t following his diet while he was in rehab. Caleb had put on 30 pounds. Caleb was said to want a divorce, but he later tried to change his mind. But Tammy didn’t want to get back together with her husband, so she filed for divorce.

Being apart because Caleb was still in rehab and Tammy was back in Kentucky worsened things between them. After all, they had only been together for a few weeks before they got married. People said Tammy didn’t want a long-distance relationship and didn’t want to take care of someone else while she was healing.

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