Cecilia Gentili Cause of Death: Controversy surrounds the funeral of transgender activist Cecilia Gentili in New York

Cecilia Gentili Cause of Death: A top church official spoke out against the funeral of a famous transgender activist in a New York City cathedral. They called the mass a scandal in one of the most important Catholic churches in the United States.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York spoke out against Cecilia Gentili’s funeral, which took place on Thursday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan and drew a lot of people. This is what we know.


Who is Cecilia Gentili?

People are remembering Cecilia Gentili, an artist and activist from Argentina who was famous for her work in the immigrant and transgender rights groups in New York City. She died last week and is being remembered by many. She was 52 years old.

Thursday, many people crowded into New York’s famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a memorial service honoring her life and work as an actress, transgender icon, and advocate for LGBTQ and other neglected groups.

The New York Times said Gentili died on February 6 in her home in Brooklyn. The reason she died has not been found.

Cecilia Gentili Cause of Death

Cecilia Gentili, an Argentina-born artist and activist known for her work in the immigrant and transgender rights movements in New York City, passed away on February 6, 2024, at her Brooklyn home. Her cause of death has not been revealed.

What took place at Cecilia Gentili’s funeral?

Abc.net says that the funeral for Gentili took place at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan, New York, on Thursday, February 15. This is likely the first time that St. Patrick’s Cathedral has held a funeral mass for a transgender person.

It was Ceyenne Doroshow who planned the funeral. She told the New York Times that Gentili’s family had kept the church’s knowledge of her past “under wraps” because they were afraid the church would not hold a funeral for a transgender person.


It was said that she told them Gentili’s family wanted her funeral to be at St. Patrick’s because “it is an icon, just like her.”

St. Patrick’s is a famous building and tourist attraction that has been the site of the funerals of many famous people from New York, such as the assassinated US senator Robert F. Kennedy, baseball star Babe Ruth, and first responders who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

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What did Cecila Gentili do for a living?

There was an Argentine-American woman named Cecilia Gentili who fought for the rights of transgender people and sex workers.

She was in charge of many LGBTQ+ groups, including helping to create Trans Equity Consulting and DecrimNY, two groups that successfully worked to make sex work legal in New York and get rid of the “Walking while trans law.”

Besides acting, writing, and appearing on TV shows like “Pose,” she was also interested in the arts and performance.


Background of Cecilia Gentili’s Family

It was in Gálvez, Santa Fe, Argentina, that Cecilia Gentili was born in 1972. Twenty years ago, she came to the U.S. without papers, was homeless, and had to do sex work to make money.

She was in charge of the LGBTQ HIV/AIDS organizations GMHC and APICHA. She also started a free clinic for sex workers at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center and worked with DecrimNY to get sex work decriminalized in New York and the “Walking while trans law” revoked.

Finally, she started Trans Equity Consulting. He fought for the rights of transgender people, refugees, and people who worked as sex workers.

Besides playing, writing, and appearing on TV shows like “Pose,” she was also interested in the arts and performance.

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