Drew Scott Illness: A Timeline Of His Health Journey

Drew Scott is a Canadian-American entrepreneur, real estate agent, and television personality. He is best known for co-hosting Property Brothers with his identical twin brother Jonathan. Drew plays the real estate agent on the Cineflix Media-produced home-renovation show, and Jonathan plays the builder.

Along with his two brothers, Scott is also one of the founders of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a company that makes TV shows, movies, and digital material. The twins have also started the home goods brand Scott Living and its sister company, Dream Homes. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour of their professional achievements, Drew Scott’s health journey has been a topic of interest and concern for his fans. In this article, we explore the ups and downs of his battle with illness and the resilience that has defined his remarkable journey.

Drew Scott

Who Is Drew Scott?

Drew Scott was born on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is best known for co-hosting the popular television series “Property Brothers” along with his identical twin brother, Jonathan Scott. The show, which began airing in 2011, follows the brothers as they help people buy and renovate homes. Drew typically serves as the real estate expert, helping clients find and purchase homes, while Jonathan is the contractor responsible for the home renovations.

Drew and Jonathan Scott have become well-known figures in the home improvement and real estate industry, and their television shows have gained a wide viewership. In addition to “Property Brothers,” they have appeared in various spin-off series and specials, often providing expert advice on home design, renovation, and real estate.

The Scott brothers have also written books, launched a home furnishings and decor brand, and are involved in philanthropic efforts related to housing and communities. Their combined expertise in real estate, construction, and design has made them popular figures in the world of home improvement and renovation television.

Who Is Drew Scott

Drew Scott: Illness

Drew Scott is not sick. Drew is currently doing exceptionally well. There have been rumours that Drew Scott has died, but his family and team have stated that these rumours are not true at all. He is still alive and well. However his brother JD told his friends about a strange illness he had in 2019. At the time, he didn’t know what his diagnosis was, but in September 2019, he let his Instagram fans know that he was fine and explained what he had been going through. He told them that he had a  gastrointestinal issues and a potential diagnosis of mercury poisoning.

Who Is Drew Scott Wife?

Drew Scott is married to Linda Phan. They met at a Toronto Fashion Week event in 2010 and began living together in 2014. They were married in Italy in May 2018 in a stunning ceremony. Linda Phan is a creative director born on April 22, 1985, in Toronto, Canada. In March of 2022, they welcomed a son named Parker.

Who Is Drew Scott Wife

Drew Scott Rise To Fame

The 2011 premiere of the successful HGTV series “Property Brothers” was Drew Scott’s major break. Drew and Jonathan are followed as they assist families in discovering, purchasing, and transforming fixer-upper properties into dream homes. Real estate, negotiations, and project management comprise most of Drew’s responsibilities in the program.

The success of Property Brothers spawned several spin-off programs, including “Buying and Selling,” “Brother vs. Brother,” and “Property Brothers at Home.” Drew’s expertise in home repair and his ability to interact with householders were highlighted in these broadcasts.

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