Who is Taylor’s brother on Southern Charm? How did he die?

People who watch Southern Charm have been wondering how Taylor’s brother died and what happened to Worth Green since the news came out earlier this year.

TruTV’s Southern Charm follows socialites’ personal and business lives in Charleston, South Carolina. Taylor Ann Green is a cast member on the show. By Season 7, Taylor was dating Shep Rose, who was already on the show. That was in August 2022. Taylor and Shep broke up.

A brother named Worth Green died on June 8, 2023. He had been alive for 36 years. Taylor’s brother was in several Season 9 episodes of Southern Charm. In Episode 14, “Playing House,” Taylor calls her brother for help after the other cast members of Southern Charm say she is hooking up with Austen Kroll, who used to date Olivia Flowers, her best friend.

“You’re not bad.” Over FaceTime, Taylor’s brother told her, “If anyone makes you unhappy, let me know, and I’ll come down there.” Hey Taylor Ann, what do you think Jesus would do?”I’m sorry that you have to go through that.”

Season 9 of Southern Charm was filmed before Taylor’s brother died. What happened to Worth Green? How did Taylor’s brother die in Southern Charm? Continue reading to see what Taylor said about her brother’s death and how she remembered him.

how did taylor's brother died

Who is Taylor’s brother on Southern Charm?

Taylor’s brother’s real name was Richard Worthington Green, but people called him “Worth.” On Thursday, June 8, 2023, Richard Worthington Green, whom everyone called “Worth,” woke up in the arms of Jesus. He was 36 years old.

Worth was born in Asheville, North Carolina. Richard C. “Rick” Green and Leslie Dark Green were his parents. Also, Catie Green King and her husband Jim lived in Warm Springs, VA, and Taylor Ann Green lived in Charleston, SC. He was their older brother.

Rick and Leslie King, Worth’s sisters Taylor and Catie King, his partner Caroline Evans, and other family members will miss him. His death notice said, “Worth loved his family very much.” “He loved them with all his heart and would do anything to be with them.

He was a lively and loving grandson and son. He was also the best big brother to his sisters, always there to watch out for them and cheer them on. Not long ago, he met the woman he loved and valued.

how did taylor's brother died

She made his life so much better. He loved her so much that he brought her home with his family. He was now making plans for the future with her by his side. There are too many friends to list who will miss Worth’s passionate love for life.

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How did Taylor’s brother die from Southern Charm?

Worth Green, Taylor Ann Green’s brother, died on June 8, 2023, when he was 36. No one has said for sure what caused his death. On social media, like a Reddit post that talks about the effects of chronic Lyme disease and fentanyl abuse, people are making guesses.

However, there has been no official confirmation of the reason for his death. Everyone has been talking about how much support Taylor got from her co-stars, especially when she lost her brother, and things were hard.

The full name of Taylor’s brother is Richard Worthington Green. On June 14, 2023, she told People that her brother had died. It said,

“Worth left this world on top of the world – he had a beautiful passion for life and cared deeply for those around him. We are going to miss his jovial personality and all of the love and laughter that he brought his family, girlfriend and countless friends.

how did taylor's brother died

Heartbroken is an understatement, but we are finding so much peace knowing he is in the arms of our Heavenly Father. We kindly ask for privacy at this time.”

Tributes paid to Taylor Ann Green’s family and friends on the sudden death of her brother

Worth Green spent most of his time out of the public eye. He was mostly known for his relationship with Taylor Ann Green, and his few appearances on Southern Charm stood out.

Worth’s life, hobbies, and warm personality were often reflected in Taylor’s stories, which made him seem like a much-loved family member and brother.

It was a surprise to hear that Worth Green had died suddenly in June 2023. Because they wanted to protect their privacy and were very sad, his family decided not to say what caused his death.

Taylor only said for sure that his brother died in bed. The media kept quiet because they didn’t have enough information. Fans and the Southern Charm community sent their support and grief.

how did taylor's brother died

After this terrible event, Catie and Taylor Ann Green used social media to talk about how sad they were and to honour their brother’s life. The crowd felt Taylor’s words, which were full of emotion and love, and they brought the Southern Charm community together to support her.

Sources say Catie, Taylor, and Worth’s sister were the first to post about the death on Instagram. This is what Taylor wrote in her now-private Instagram post:

“You’re the best big brother I could have asked for.” There will be no more changes in this family. I love you more than the moon and back. Taylor also posted a slideshow of pictures and videos on Instagram. The text said,

“There aren’t enough words to describe Worth or the difference he made…”June 8, 2023: The Lord told you to go home. We will miss how silly you are, how you hugged us, and how funny you were…You played your last show at the top of your game, and we can’t wait to see you again someday♥”

In an appearance with Entertainment Tonight in September 2023, Taylor talked about her loss,

“That whole thing is crazy to think about now that I’ve been through it with Olivia…And because I’ve never lost someone close to me, Olivia has been excellent in reaching out to me. Our friendship is at that level where it’s like being in a weird, horrible club, but we’re together in it.

The cast and crew of Southern Charm were deeply affected by Worth Green’s death. The show’s cast and fans, known for focusing on personal connections, came together in a time of grief.

Final Words

Worth Green’s quick death was a huge loss that was felt all over the Southern Charm community and beyond. Details of his death are still being kept secret, but the love and support for Taylor Ann Green and her family showed how important Worth’s life was.

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