How Much Money Is Nate Diaz Making From The Jake Paul Fight?

Nate Diaz prepares to fight social media star Jake Paul in his first professional boxing match. How much money is the UFC vet going to make?

After a tremendous last fight against Tony Ferguson to end his UFC deal, Diaz is now a free agent and has turned his attention to boxing. The Stockton Slapper will face the younger Paul brother in his first fight as a professional.

After going back and forth for months, the two will finally fight on August 5 in Dallas at a catch weight of 185 pounds.

But how much money will Diaz get from his first fight as a pro boxer? Here’s what we know about how much money was made from the fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz.

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz

How Much Money Is Nate Diaz Making From The Jake Paul Fight?

According to, Jake Paul beat former MMA fighter Nate Diaz in Dallas on Saturday night to add another win to his record. Even though Paul didn’t knock Diaz out, he ultimately hit the former MMA fighter by a decision. This brought his record to 7-1, with four knockouts.

Even though the numbers haven’t been proven, it’s report that Paul won about $2 million from the fight, while Diaz won at least $500,000. Those numbers match Paul’s last two fights, in which he won $2 million after fighting Tyron Woodley and $1.5 million after fighting Anderson Silva. Paul was also cut the pay-per-view earnings, which could bring his overall earnings to as much as $10 million.

Even though it’s still a lot of money, it’s much less than what he got after his first loss, which was to British boxer Tommy Fury earlier this year. After that fight, he said he got $30 million between his fee and PPV earnings. Paul got 65% of the PPV money in that fight, while in his most recent fight, he and Diaz split the money 50/50. Paul said that he had a rematch clause in his fight deal with Fury and has insisted that the two men will fight again.

Paul may have more fights coming up. After his fight on Saturday, he allegedly offered Diaz $10 million to fight him in MMA. People say that Diaz initially laughed at the idea, but after the fight, he seemed more open to it. That fight should be put on hold to make room for Paul’s return with Fury or Diaz’s upcoming fight with Conor McGregor.


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