Is “Good Morning America” Ginger Zee Pregnant In 2023?

Ginger Zee is an American who is known for being on TV. Ginger Zee is the top meteorologist for Good Morning America. She hangs out with the cast of The Tina Turner Musical and cooks with Rachael Ray. The working mom is known for being on Celebrity Jeopardy! and for coming in third place on Season 22 of Dancing With The Stars. And in 2018, she and her husband had a cute two little boy. She often posts sweet pictures of her family on social media, giving fans a look at her life outside of work.

As 2023 progresses, rumors have started circulating about Ginger Zee’s possible pregnancy. Fans are curious and eagerly awaiting confirmation or more information about this exciting speculation. So, let’s explore the question: Is “Good Morning America” meteorologist Ginger Zee Pregnant In 2023?

Is Ginger Zee Pregnant In 2023?

As Of 2023, Ginger Zee is not pregnant. Ginger has not confirmed the claim publicly At this point, it’s just a guess that she’s pregnant. If she is pregnant, she will have told people that she is pregnant. Ginger Zee and WNBC reporter Ben Aaron got engaged in August 2013. They married on June 7, 2014, and now they have two kids.

Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, their first boy, was born in Petoskey, Michigan, in December 2015. When she got pregnant with her second child, she told everyone in the cutest way possible: on August 14, 2017, during her live weather show. She stood next to a big circle on the map and drew a line around it to make it look like a baby bump.

“This place in the Southwest, right about here,” she said, “is where… And then, because I’m pregnant, this area, right about here, will have a shadow from my belly.”

As the audience and her coworkers cheered, she showed the picture above of her son Adrian holding the ultrasound and said he was “very excited” to become a big brother. Miles Macklin was born in February 2018 and got his name from Ginger.

Is Ginger Zee Planning To Be Pregnant Again?

Ginger has yet to say if she wants to have more children, but since she’s a working mother with a busy schedule, she may not be thinking about having a third child.

Ginger has also talked about reports about a possible third pregnancy, saying in an interview, that she is thankful to have two children already. She talked about how lucky she and her husband were to get pregnant and have two sons. She also said that they didn’t want to wait too long after having their first child to have another.

She had planned to take a full 12 weeks to heal, but she soon realized she had to cut it short to promote her children’s book, Chasing Helicity and Natural Disaster, a memoir about her struggle with depression.

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