Is Jason Momoa Gay? Revealing The Aquaman Star’s Sexuality!

Jason Momoa is an American actor, model, and producer, renowned for his captivating performances in iconic roles such as the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo on “Game of Thrones” (2011–2012) and his portrayal of the powerful Aquaman in the film “Aquaman” (2018). He is an exciting actor known for his solid looks and clear appeal.

As an actor who has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide, questions and curiosity naturally arise about various aspects of his life. One such inquiry revolves around his sexuality, prompting us to delve into the question: Is Jason Momoa gay? In this exploration, we aim to reveal the truth behind the Aquaman star’s sexuality and shed light on this aspect of his personal life.

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Who Is Jason Momoa?

Jason Momoa was Born on August 1, 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Momoa’s unique blend of talent, charisma, and distinctive looks has propelled him to fame. He debuted as Jason Ioane on the syndicated action drama series Baywatch: Hawaii (1999–2001). He then played Ronon Dex on the Syfy science fiction series Stargate Atlantis (2005–2009).

He initially gained attention for his portrayal of the fierce Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo in the critically acclaimed TV series “Game of Thrones” (2011–2012). This role showcased his commanding presence and physical prowess.

However, it was his role as Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films that truly solidified his status as a Hollywood A-lister. Momoa first appeared as Aquaman in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016), followed by more prominent roles in “Justice League” (2017) and his solo movie “Aquaman” (2018).

His portrayal of the aquatic superhero brought a fresh and dynamic interpretation to the character, captivating audiences and contributing to the success of the DCEU. Momoa has also played Duncan Idaho in the science fiction movie Dune (coming out in 2021) and was the leading actor in the action movie Fast X (coming out in 2023).

In addition to his work in the realm of superheroes, Jason Momoa has taken on a variety of other projects. He has appeared in action-adventure films like “Conan the Barbarian” (2011) and “Braven” (2018), as well as the Apple TV+ series “See” (2019–2022), where he plays the lead role in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the population has lost their sense of sight.

Who Is Jason Momoa?

Is Jason Momoa Gay?

Jason Momoa is not gay. Even though there are a lot of gay stories about him, but no one has ever shown proof. Momoa has only dated women. In his past relationships, he has never been with a man. So it’s safe to say that Jason Momoa is not gay but straight.

Is Jason Momoa Dating Someone?

According to People, Jason Momoa is dating Eiza González. Mamoa and González were able to keep their relationship a secret for a while, but on May 14, 2022, PEOPLE confirmed that Jason Momoa and Eiza González were dating. Jason Momoa and Eiza González split on June 14, 2022. However, after just one month, the couple got back together, even being seen riding on a motorcycle together. This adorable couple is still going strong in 2023.

Is Jason Momoa Dating Someone?

Who Is Eiza González?

Eiza González sings and acts in Mexico. Her roles in Mexican telenovelas like “Suea conmigo” and “Lola…Érase una vez” made her famous. She later moved to Hollywood, starring in movies like “Baby Driver” and “Hobbs & Shaw.” In 2009, when her first record came out, Eiza González also joined the music business. She is known for her artistic skills, good looks, and ability to change.

Who Is Eiza González

A Look At Jason Momoa Dating History

Simmone Mackinnon (1999 – 2005)

Momoa met actor Simone Jade Mackinnon on the set of Baywatch in 1999. They were together for 6 years and got engaged in 2004. Mackinnon and Momoa broke off their engagement when Momoa began dating actress Lisa Bonet in 2005.

jason momoa and Simmone Mackinnon

Lisa Bonet (2005 – 2022)

In 2005, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet met for the first time through a mutual friend at a jazz club in Los Angeles. When they met for the first time, they hit it off right away. Momoa called it “love at first sight.”

At the time, Bonet was already a well-known actor. She was best known for playing Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and its spinoff, “A Different World.” When they first met, they started dating immediately and have been together ever since. In the end, they married in 2017 and now have two children Son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha was born in December 2008, and daughter Lola Iolani was born in July 2007.

In 2022, the pair split up, which was sad. Because Bonet wanted to stay in Los Angeles and Jason wanted to focus on his work and travel, their relationship is said to have hit a wall and grown apart.

jason momoa and Lisa Bonet


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