Is Michael Hsu Rosen Gay? Discovering The Sexuality Of The Glamorous Star!

Michael Hsu Rosen is an actor and dancer from the United States. Mike Hsu Rosen is well-known in the United States because of his parts as Jayden on Pretty Smart and Nabil on Tiny Pretty Things. Both of these shows can be seen on Netflix. Rosen also played the lead part in two Broadway revivals, West Side Story and Torch Song. Currently, he is playing Ben in the new Netflix show Glamorous.

His role as Ben, a gay man, in the hit Netflix show “Glamorous” has made people more interested in his sexuality and other personal information. Is Michael Hsu Rosen also a gay person in real life? Could it be that these stories aren’t true? Let’s get right to the point of the story and find out how the actor identifies sexually.

Michael Hsu Rosen

Is Michael Hsu Rosen Gay?

Michael Hsu Rosen is a proud gay man. Michael Hsu Rosen plays a gay man named Ben on the Netflix show “Glamorous.” This made the world aware of the actor’s sexual orientation.

When HuffPost pointed out that Rosen is gay and half-Chinese, he was honest about his feelings about playing a gay part with Emily Osment. But Michael’s life as a publicly gay man started long before that. When he was only 15, he came out as gay on the radio show Rossie O’Donnell.

Michael has always been open about the fact that he is gay. He has never tried to hide it. So, the people around him can accept and love him for who he is: a gay man who is sure of himself.

is Michael Hsu Gay

Michael Hsu Rosen Came Out As Gay At the Age of 15

After Michael became well-known on stage, people wanted to talk to the young actor just starting. One of them was Rossie O’Donnell. Michael came out at age 15 and never tried to hide that he was gay, so everyone knew. When he was going to be on Rossie O’Donnell’s radio show to promote West Side Story, the directors asked him to talk about being gay on Broadway. Michael told Rosie she was an influence, even though he had told his friends that he didn’t feel safe talking about it.

“I got emotional telling Rosie how moved I was as a teenager watching her on Will & Grace, when she tells Jack, “I’m gay,”

“It was pretty clear I was saying, “Me, too.” After that, I decided that of course, I can talk about being gay. Why wouldn’t I?”

Since then, he has been in shows and movies about gay people. He doesn’t try to hide who he is or pretend to be someone else.

He gave himself the middle name Hsu to avoid being mistaken for someone else. In this way, he would stay true to his Asian roots and wouldn’t catch casting directors by surprise.

Michael Hsu Rosen Came Out As Gay At the Age of 15

Is Michael Hsu Rosen Dating Someone?

Michael Hsu Rosen has decided to keep his relationship status a secret, but rumours have spread that he might be dating his transgender co-star on “Glamorous,” Miss Benny. On-screen and off, they have great chemistry and are often seen spending quiet time together.

Just two days ago, Michael put their pictures together on his Instagram page with the caption,

“I luv her.” Miss Benny, in response, left a comment saying, “One more kiss..”

From how they act around each other, they might be dating. But since the actors haven’t said anything publicly, it’s still an intriguing possibility that only time will show.

Is Michael Hsu Rosen Dating Someone

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