Is Nurse John Gay? Exploring The Tiktok Star’s Sexuality Here!

Nurse John is a registered nurse works in the Montreal’s South Shore emergency room. JC Dela Cruz was born in the Philippines. Nurse John is another name for him. But he was living in Canada at the time.

He has a lot of fans because he makes video from the point of view of real nurses. He has 5.3 million followers on TikTok, and 315.9 million people have seen his flicks. On Instagram, 2.0 million people follow him. He is always in the news and keeps beating his own marks. But he didn’t get famous overnight.

When he first began his nursing career, he suffered and struggled. During the pandemic, he gave sick people his time and worked to help them get better. People are now more curious about his life in general and his sexuality in particular. So is Nurse John gay? Or are all of these stories made up? Let’s get to the point and read the story to determine if the TikTok star is gay or straight.

nurse john

Who Is Nurse John?

Nurse John is a well-known TikTok artist who makes funny videos about what it’s like to be a nurse. His real name is John Dela Cruz, and he works as a nurse in a hospital in Montreal emergency room. During the Covid pandemic, he saw a TikTok video asking people to post about low-paying work. This is how he found out about the app.

He made a short video that went popular very quickly. Now, 5.3 million people follow him, and his funny movies about patients and nurses are watched by 315.9 million people. He says that comedy helps him deal with stress and draws attention to the issues that nurses face. He also has a show called “I Beg Your Pardon,” where he talks about his personal and professional life.

Who Is Nurse John

Is Nurse John Gay? 

According to sources, Nurse John is not gay. People have been discussing what they think Nurse John is since he started working online. Because of unfair assumptions, some people believe all male nurses are gay. But it’s important to remember that names don’t tell you anything about a person.

In fact, he told McLean how much he loves nursing and said that it was his biggest interest in an interview. He told her, “I still love nursing the most.” John has never talked about his sexuality in public, so judging him based on what you already think is unfair.

If a person doesn’t want their sexual preference to define them, it shouldn’t be assumed or used to do so. It’s important to protect John’s privacy and treat him with the same care and dignity as anyone else.

Who Is Nurse John Girlfriend? 

Nurse John is single, which means he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He has decided to keep this aspect of his life quiet. Even after examining his social media, there have been no hints or signs of a partner. Clearly, he doesn’t wish to discuss this facet of his life at the moment and prefers to keep it private. It’s important to respect his decision and understand that everyone has the right to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

Who Is Nurse John Girlfriend 

Tiktok Became A Lifeline For Me When Nursing Burned Me Out

Macleans tells the story of Canadian nurse John Dela Cruz, whose video on TikTok went viral during the Covid outbreak. Dela Cruz works in an emergency room in Québec. Because she was stressed and tired, she started making funny movies about the complex parts and facts of being a nurse.

He accidentally shared his first video, and because it showed his badge as an RN, it went viral the next day. Then he kept sharing videos that made fun of situations between patients and nurses, like crying in the bathroom or dealing with rude patients. He now has millions of fans and likes on his videos, and he says he uses comedy as a therapy to promote his job.

Tiktok Became A Lifeline For Me When Nursing Burned Me Out

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