Is British Singer Sam Ryder Gay? Discover His Sexuality Here!

Sam Ryder is a British singer-songwriter.. Ryder became well-known after he posted covers of songs on TikTok during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK in March 2020. To represent the UK, he sang “Space Man” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. He got first place from the judges and second place overall.

Ryder’s music is a mix of rock, pop, alternative rock, and metalcore, among other styles. People like his voice and accent.
The reviews for his first record, There’s Nothing but Space, Man! (2022).  As Sam Ryder’s career takes off, people are naturally curious about more than just his music. With all the success and achievements, the internet is abuzz with questions about Sam Ryder’s sexuality. Is Sam Ryder gay?

In this article, we dive into his personal life to clear up the rumors and find out the truth. Come with us as we explore his talents, who he is, and how fame can affect things, all while uncovering the facts about this interesting topic concerning the talented artist.

Sam Ryder

Is Sam Ryder Gay?

According to sources, Sam Ryder is not gay because he is currently dating Lois Gaskin Barber. Recently, the couple celebrated their 11-year anniversary with much joy. If Sam Ryder were gay, he wouldn’t be dating a girl, because who we choose to be in a romantic relationship with often reflects our sexual orientation. It’s really important to handle these situations carefully and avoid making quick judgments or prying into personal matters that aren’t our business.

Yet, when we see how genuinely connected Sam Ryder and Lois Gaskin-Barber are, it does give us some clues about his sexual orientation.  This shows why it’s so important to respect people’s right to keep their private lives private and make their own choices about sharing. In this case, the strong bond between Sam Ryder and Lois Gaskin-Barber is a strong indication that he’s heterosexual.

But we should also remember that relationships can be complex, and someone’s sexual orientation isn’t solely determined by one relationship.

Is Sam Ryder Gay?

Sam Ryder Dating Lois Gaskin Barber

Sam Ryder is in a long-term relationship with Lois Gaskin-Barber. They have been together for 10 years. According to METRO, she is a “multidimensional creative” in her social media bio.  The couple ran the Lone Wolves Organic juice bar in Coggeshall, Essex, together from 2017 until it closed two years later.

Lois is carrying on the Lone Wolves brand by selling hand-made jewellery under the name Lone Wolves Creative on social media. When it comes to their private lives, the two have, for the most part, kept out of the public eye.

Even though it needs to be clarified whether Ryder and Gaskin-Barber are married, Gaskin-Barber and her husband marked their 10th wedding anniversary in 2021. Gaskin-Barber wore a lacey white dress and held a bouquet in the “cherished shots” of her and Ryder taken by people they love. Ryder wore a suit and rang wedding bells.

In 2022, the couple’s anniversary was celebrated with an Instagram post that showed the same picture of them holding hands, which looked like it was during a celebration. “Recently celebrated 11 years of big belly laughs and love together, yay,” the caption partly read.

Sam Ryder: Career

When he was 16, Ryder began his career as a singer and player. At that age, he helped form the band The Morning After and worked with them to make two studio records. After that, he went on tour for three years with other bands, including the Canadian rock group Blessed by a Broken Heart. Later, he became their new lead singer and helped make their album Feel the Power.

Ryder became the lead singer for an American band called Close Your Eyes after “Blessed by a Broken Heart” broke up in 2013. He tried a Hardcore punk sound later. Ryder worked with them on one studio record, Line in the Sand, and then left in 2014.

After leaving the band, Ryder moved back to the UK. He helped build the Wembley Stadium with his father, who also worked there. He started trying to become known as a solo act. In 2016, he worked with producer Bryan Wilson in Nashville, Tennessee, to make an album that was never put out. Then, he and his partner started a vegan café in Coggeshall, England, but it closed in 2019. Before joining TikTok, he busked and played at weddings and bars all over southeast England after it closed.

Sam Ryder Career

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