Swanky Jerry is not gay Then Why People Can’t Stop Questioning His Sexuality?

A recent rumor about a celebrity has sparked a frenzy of conjecture and excitement among their fans and followers. Swanky Jerry, a renowned Nigerian celebrity stylist and fashion entrepreneur, is considered gay. It is crucial to handle this matter delicately and respect the individual’s privacy as we await confirmation or denial of this rumor.

Who is Swanky Jerry?

Jeremiah Ogbodo, also known as Swanky Jerry, he is the founder and creative director of Swanky Signatures, a fashion and lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of services including fashion styling, event planning, and image consulting. He was born on July 4, 1991.

Swanky Jerry


With a career spanning over a decade, Swanky Jerry has become one of the most sought-after fashion stylists in Nigeria and has worked with numerous A-list celebrities, including Tiwa Savage, Dโ€™Banj, and Davido. However, there have been long-time rumors about his sexuality. Swanky is very private, which made people conclude that he is gay.

Is Swanky Jerry gay?

There have been rumors and speculations about Swanky Jerry’s sexuality, but no definitive answer exists. Some fans believe Swanky Jerry is gay, but no evidence supports this claim.

Swanky Jerry has not been married, but his friends claimed he proposed to his girlfriend in London in 2018. Swanky Jerry is very private about his personal life, which has led some people to conclude that he is gay.

In 2019, Instagram Vlogger Bold Pink referred to Swanky Jerry as a gay man, but no confirmation of this claim exists. In 2018, a Nairaland forum post claimed that Swanky Jerry is gay and a snitch, but this is also unverified. In summary, no concrete evidence exists to confirm or deny whether Swanky Jerry is gay.

Swanky Jerry

Is Swanky Engaged?

Swanky Jerry proposed to his girlfriend in London in 2018, and she said yes. However, whether they are still together is still being determined, as Swanky Jerry has yet to confirm any relationship status or commitment on public records.

Swanky Jerry did not verify his engagement in 2018. Various media outlets reported the news of his engagement, and his girlfriend, Yvonne, also shared the news on social media. However, Swanky Jerry himself did not announce the news, but he received congratulatory messages from fans.

Swanky Jerry

Who is Swanky Jerry’s alleged girlfriend?

Swanky Jerry’s alleged girlfriend has not been identified by name. However, in 2018, Swanky Jerry proposed to his mystery girlfriend in London. The identity of his girlfriend was not revealed, and her face was covered with a “Love” emoji in the proposal pictures. As of 2022, it is unclear whether they are still together, and Swanky Jerry still needs to provide updates on his relationship status.

Swanky Jerry

Who is Yvonne Nwosu?

Yvonne Nwosu is a fashion designer and creative director of Vonne Couture. She is known for her bold and chic fashion style. Yvonne Nwosu shared the proposal photo of Swanky Jerry and his girlfriend on social media in 2018, but she covered the lady’s face. She wrote a congratulatory message to Swanky Jerry and expressed her excitement for him.

Yvonne Nwosu

Why do people doubt Swanky as a gay?

Swanky Jerry’s sexual orientation has been a subject of speculation and rumors. Some people doubt his sexuality and question whether he is gay. The reasons for this doubt are unclear, but it may be due to his profession as a fashion stylist, which is often associated with femininity in some societies.

However, Swanky Jerry has denied being gay and has stated that he is straight. He is rumored to be currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, whom he proposed to in London in 2018. The identity of his girlfriend has not been disclosed, but she is rumored to be Yvonne Nwosu, a fashion designer who shared the proposal photo on social media.

Swanky Jerry

Jeremiah Obodo, better known by his name “Swanky Jerry,” is a well-respected fashion influencer and stylist recently exposed as gay by Instagram blogger @Cutie_julls. Cutiejulls claims that Swanky Jerry slept with an Abuja big boy in exchange for a Range Rover after the woman introduced them.

This isn’t the first time Swanky has been accused of swinging the other way or both ways. After the stylist showed off his dancing skills at a party, he was dubbed “the Swanky Jerry” by the locals in Nigeria. In a viral video, Swanky can be seen dancing like a woman and twerking vigorously while making seductive movements with his body.

At some point in 2019, Instagram Vlogger Bold Pink identified Swanky Jerry as a gay man. Tonto Dikeh’s friendship with Swanky Jerry, a “gay man hiding in the closet,” ended after he slept with Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Churchill.

Swanky Jerry

Savage Trap Queen, a former actress in adult films, has claimed that the well-known Nigerian fashion designer Swanky Jerry is gay. She lied about Swanky’s sexuality during an Instagram LIVE session with Daddy Freeze.

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