Sarah Jones Cause of Death: What actually happened at the ‘Midnight Rider’ set to kill Sarah Jones?

This is all the important information and news about Sarah Jones’s death that came out after she was killed on the Midnight Rider set in 2014.

Brandon Lee was shot and killed on the set of “The Crow,” and Alec Baldwin killed Halyna Hutchins, the photographer for “Rust.” Hollywood isn’t the only place where tragedies happen while people are working on their projects.

Sarah Jones, a camera assistant in the movie Midnight Rider, was one of the most well-known people who died on the job. People are interested in Jones’s death again because a video of the event has been shared on social media, making people want to know what happened that day.

After the criminal cases related to the death of Sarah Jones, the camera assistant for Midnight Rider, have been closed, information from the autopsy on the 27-year-old is now public.

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What did the autopsy reveal about Sarah Jones death at the set of Midnight Rider?

This week, the public can finally see the results of an autopsy that was done on February 24, 2014. According to MSL Legal, her death was caused by an accident and was caused by “multiple injuries sustained as a pedestrian struck by a railroad train while at work on a movie location,” according to the public report.

Jones was hit on the right side by a train while working on-site for a movie shoot. Her death was ruled a pedestrian death.

The impact broke both of her feet and hurt her in many other ways, including cutting her and breaking her bones. Right away, a criminal investigation into her death began, looking for signs of carelessness at work.

The crew of “Midnight Rider” was filming a dream scene on railroad tracks in Wayne County, Georgia, at the time of the train crash.

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As scenery, a bed was put on the tracks, and the team was caught off guard by an approaching train. They were unable to move the bed quickly enough.

When the train hit the bed, it pushed Jones right onto the tracks, where she was hit. On the set of the movie, there were no doctors or trained employees.

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What actually happened at the Midnight Rider set to kill Sarah Jones?

Midnight Rider is a historical drama movie based on rock singer Gregg Allman’s book My Cross to Bear. It began filming in 2014 and stars William Hurt, Zoey Deutch, Eliza Dushku, and Wyatt Russell.

There was a film crew set up on an active railroad trestle bridge over the Altamaha River in Wayne County, Georgia, on February 20, the first day of shooting.

Dexerto says that It was planned to do a “camera test” for a dream scene in which Hurt would have played Allman on a heavy metal hospital bed on the live train.

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Despite having about a minute to get to safety, the team tried to do the test after two CSX trains went by. Unfortunately, a third train came up behind them out of the blue.

The crew tried to get the camera gear and the metal bed off the trestle before the train hit it, but they didn’t know how fast the train was coming (it was going 58 miles per hour), as seen on video.

They forgot to take off the bed before the train came through, so Jones and many of the other crew members were stuck on the bridge. The train crashed into the metal bed and broke it into pieces that hit Jones. She then fell toward the train and was killed quickly.

Who was charged responsible for the accident?

The Hollywood Reporter says that Producer Jody Savin and director Randall Miller were blamed for Sarah Jones’s death while they were making “Midnight Rider.” Miller and Savin both admitted they killed someone without meaning to and broke the law by entering someone else’s property.

A $20,000 fine and two years in jail was charged for Miller. He was also put on probation for eight years. After Miller decided to plead guilty, the charges against Savin were dropped.

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Hillary Schwartz, who was the first assistant director, was also given ten years of probation and a $5,000 fine. Jay Sedrish, an executive director, was put on probation for ten years without going to jail.

It was decided that these people were responsible for Jones’ death because they didn’t follow safety rules or follow railway laws.

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