What Is Moji Basar Religion? Uncovering His Spiritual Beliefs!

Moji Basar is a well-known and skilled director and producer, writer, and production manager who works in the movie business. Moji Basar started learning music when he was very young. Later, he became interested in filmmaking and writing stories. He chose to make a career out of these things and packed his bags.

In 2019, Moji Basar was the production manager for the movie Lukka Chuppi. In 2018, he was the executive director for the film The Sick. The actresses Madiha Imam of Pakistan and Moji Basar just got married. She also posted a picture of herself with her husband, Moji Basar, which made people wonder about him. Find out about Moji Basar Religion.

Moji Basar

What Is Moji Basar Religion?

Fans are interested in his private life, and one question they often ask is about his religion. Even though we don’t know what he believes regarding religion, there are signs that he may be a Muslim. After all, he is from Pakistan, which is mainly made up of Muslims. Also, most people with the last name Basar are Muslim. We can only be sure of his religion once he says so himself.

Who Is Moji Basar Wife Madiha Imam?

Moji Basar and Madiha Imam sealed the knot on May 1, 2023. Even though Madiha Imam, a Pakistani actor, shared a picture of herself and her husband, the picture was beautiful.

In her most recent blog post, Madiha Imam shows pictures from her wedding and talks about her husband. Her wedding dress is beautiful, and her groom’s Sherwani, from Pakistan, is very traditional.

Madiha Imam, a 32-year-old Pakistani actor, has made a name for herself in Pakistan’s entertainment business. SHe was born and raised in Karachi. Imam is a Pakistani singer. In 2015, she started acting when she joined the cast of the TV drama series “Ishq Mein Teray.” Her role in the drama “Dhaani” got her a lot of praise and a nod for Best Actress at the Lux Style Awards.

Since then, Imam has been in many TV dramas, which have helped her build an image as a talented actress with a wide range.

Who Is Moji Basar Wife Madiha Imam?

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