Where is Terry Bradshaw? Co-host of FOX NFL Sunday Seem Absent

Terry Bradshaw was usually on FOX NFL Sunday on January 28, 2024, but he was nowhere to be found. Fans were asking what happened to the show’s co-host. Terry Bradshaw wasn’t on Fox’s morning show for Sunday night’s NFC title game, but his co-host on NFL Sunday could explain why the star wasn’t there.

Where did Terry Bradshaw go?

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw, who used to play professional football and now works as an NFL analyst, missed the 2024 NFC Championship broadcast because he was sick. Since starting in 1994, he has been on the “Fox NFL Sunday” morning show.

Bradshaw is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and used to play quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is also known for his work on NFL shows like “Fox NFL Sunday” and “Thursday Night Football.”

As of now, Awful Announcing states that  there is no specific information available about his current whereabouts other than his absence due to illness

Terry Bradshaw’s Career Highlights

Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw was a professional football player who led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl wins in 1975, 1976, 1979, and 1980. This is one of the peaks of his career.

  • Getting the Most Valuable Player award in the NFL.
  • Being picked three times for the Pro Bowl.
  • In 1978, they won the Bert Bell Award for Player of the Year.
  • Being put in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989.

These achievements show how important and successful Bradshaw was in professional football.

Does Terry Bradshaw have some illness?

Terry Bradshaw has indeed been sick. In November 2021, he was told he had bladder cancer. Later, he was told he had Merkel cell carcinoma, a rare type of skin cancer.

He got medical care for these problems, which included surgery and other procedures. He couldn’t cover the 2024 NFC Championship because he was sick, which was revealed by the show’s host, Curt Menefee.

What are people saying about Bradshaw’s absence?

People are worried and interested that Terry Bradshaw won’t be able to cover the 2024 NFC Championship because he’s sick. At the show’s start, Curt Menefee, who hosts the show, talked about Bradshaw’s absence by saying,

Terry Bradshaw

“Usually right here for all 30 years, Terry Bradshaw.” But TB isn’t feeling well right now. He’s not working this evening. Fans, sports experts, and co-hosts have all sent their support and wished him a speedy recovery. This shows how important he is in football and sports broadcasting.

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Who is Terry Bradshaw?

To many people in American football, Terry Bradshaw is a famous figure. He was a great quarterback and later worked as a TV personality.

As a quarterback for 14 seasons, Bradshaw had a lot of success. He led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl wins and was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

Terry Bradshaw

He became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989. Besides playing football, Bradshaw has also been in movies and TV shows. He is best known for his work as a co-host and reporter on “FOX NFL Sunday” and “Thursday Night Football.”

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