Who is Anna Frey? Is She related to Brock Purdy?

During the NFL Playoffs, Taylor Swift got a lot of attention because her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, helped the Kansas City Chiefs make it to Super Bowl 58 in Las Vegas.

But 16-year-old TikTok star Anna Frey has taken the internet by storm because she looks a lot like Brock Purdy, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who play the Chiefs in the Super Bowl on February 11. The Purdy family, who are from Arizona, has even noticed how much Frey looks like Purdy.

Read on to find more information about the personality.

anna frey

Who is Anna Frey?

Anna Frey, a 16-year-old tennis player, is ranked 2,736th in the world among the best youth tennis players by the ITF Youth Ranking. Anna has shown her commitment to the sport by competing in many events, such as the Level One Winter Nationals.

Anna has become famous online since it came out that she looks a lot like NFL quarterback Brock Purdy. Because she became famous online out of the blue, she has made good use of TikTok.Anna has gained over 670K TikTok fans since she became famous not long ago.

From her movies, which she posts online, and some of her dance moves, it looks like she likes the Brock Purdy comparison.

Anna Frey Biography

Name Anna Frey
Date of Birth November 5, 2007
Age 16 years old
Birthplace Farmington, Utah, United States
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Religion Not Revealed
School Farmington High School

How old is Anna Frey?

anna frey

Anna Frey was born on November 5, 2007, and will be 16 years old in 2024. She is a very good swimmer.

Even though she is still very young, Anna has already become an example in the sports world by showing how skilled, dedicated, and driven she is to succeed.

Some people may be surprised by how old she is, but it shows how talented she is and how quickly she has had success, which has helped her business grow.

Anna Frey Height, Weight, Physical Stats

Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 48 kg
Measurement No information
Eye Color Black Color
Hair Color Brown Color

Anna Frey Career and Accomplishments in Tennis

anna frey

They call Anna a “blue-chip recruit,” which means she is one of the best possibilities in the country. The fact that she is number 2736 on the ITF Junior Ranking shows how good she is for her age. Several ITF and USTA tournaments have given her the chance to show off her skills and promise.

Some of the important things she has done are:

  • Being the winner of bronze balls in both singles and doubles at the 2023 L1 National Hardcourts in Rome, Georgia. She also got as high as #7 in the USTA National Rankings for Girls 14s Singles.
  • Making it to the second round of qualifying for the ITF $25,000 event in 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. She beat Zoe Hitt, a 913rd-ranked player, in straight sets, but then she lost a close match to Maribella Zamarripa, an 844th-ranked player.
  • Making it to the second round of qualifying for the $60,000 ITF/USTA event in Templeton, California, in 2024. The first player she lost to was 592-ranked Hiroko Kuwata in three sets. The next player she lost to was 497-ranked Saki Imamura in straight sets.

Frey has also worked with Wilson Tennis and Selkirk, which are two of the biggest names in tennis. They and other companies have given her marketing deals and other kinds of support. She has also been in several magazines and talks, where she has talked about her love of tennis and her goals.

Anna Frey Net Worth

Anna Frey is thought to have a net worth of around $10,000. This is based on how much she makes from tennis events, endorsements, and sponsorships.

Anna has worked with Wilson Tennis and Selkirk, which are two of the biggest names in tennis. She has also had deals with other businesses, like Nike and Adidas.

anna frey

Anna Frey Parents and Children

Her birthday is November 5, 2007, and she was born in Farmington, Utah, USA. She was born to Tanner and Jennie Frey, who both love tennis and play it a lot. They have been there for her during her tennis journey and told her to follow her dreams.

They have also shared photos and videos of their kids’ tennis wins on social media, which shows how proud and loving they are of their kids. She has two brothers named Taylor and Charles and two sisters named Jane and Claire.

Each of them loves tennis as much as the next and has played in many events. Charles is a four-star recruit and a student at Farmington High School. He has vowed to play tennis at the University of Utah. Jane is a junior at Farmington High School and is 15 years old.

She plays softball and sings very well. Anna is 10 years old, while Taylor and Claire are 6 and still in grade school. Besides that, they play tennis and other games. Anna is very close to her brothers and often practices and plays with them.


They also cheer for each other and help each other out during their games. Together, they also have fun and make TikTok movies where they show off their funny and dance moves.

Parents Tanner Frey (Father) and Jennie Frey (Mother)
Siblings Taylor Frey, Charles Frey, Jane Frey, and Claire Frey

Anna Frey Relationships

The world doesn’t know who Frey’s boyfriend is because she likes to keep her personal life quiet. She hasn’t shared any photos or videos of her boyfriend on social media, and she hasn’t confirmed or denied any reports that she is dating someone.

If she is single or in a relationship, she hasn’t said anything about it. Since Anna Frey is still young, she has a lot of chances to meet new people and fall in love. Her relationship status may change in the future.

This woman might also decide not to let the public and the media know about her love life because she values her privacy and doesn’t want to get unwanted attention or criticism. She might also want to focus her attention on her tennis job and other goals instead of her relationships.

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Anna Frey Religion, Race and Nationality

Frey is an American citizen because she was born and raised in the country. She is an American citizen and has an American passport. In international tennis events, she plays for the United States. Frey is White because her ancestors were Caucasians.

Does Brock Purdy have a connection to Anna Frey?

Because Anna Frey and Brock Purdy look so much alike, many people have wondered if they are connected. It is important to make it clear that Anna and Purdy are not connected, as per reports of Sportskeeda. They are two guys who like sports but come from different backgrounds.

Anna Frey

Social Media Accounts of Anna Frey

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