Who is Colman Domingo dating? All You Want to Know About His Love Life

Colman Domingo’s star keeps rising. He will soon be in the musical version of “The Color Purple,” and in HBO’s “Euphoria,” he stole the show.

Fans are interested in the Fear the Walking Dead actor’s personal life, but he has been happily married for almost twenty years. Find the boyfriend of the artists from this article.

Colman Domingo

Who is Colman Domingo dating?

According to People, Colman Domingo has been married to Raúl Domingo since 2014. They met by chance in a Walgreens parking lot in 2005 and started dating that same year. When Colman looked for Raúl online after the first time they met, they fell in love and have been together ever since. Colman and Raúl met on Craigslist.

Their first date took place in a bar in San Francisco, and they got married nine years after their first meeting. Raúl has been a big fan of Colman’s work and has been to many of his shows and important events, such as his award acceptance speeches.

People have said that their love story is magical and uplifting, and Colman says that she believes they were meant to meet.

What does Raúl Domingo do?

Aside from his marriage, not much is known about Raúl’s personal life. Even his Instagram account is secret. But since they met almost 20 years ago, Raúl’s work life has moved along with Colman’s. Colman was called to Juneau, Alaska, for an acting job their first summer together, so Raúl went with him.

Colman Domingo

He got a job as an assistant costume designer on the set so they wouldn’t have to be apart. They went back to New York in the fall, and Colman asked him to marry him in November of that year. Now he writes and produces movies and TV shows.

The animated short film New Moon was made by him and Colman, as per reports of Elle. It’s about a Black mother and her son talking about life and their hopes and dreams. Besides making movies, he is also producing Bottomless Brunch at Colman’s and the new sci-fi thriller It’s What’s Inside.

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How did Colman and Raúl meet?

Colman and Raúl Domingo met at a Berkeley, California, Walgreens in 2005. They went on their first official date to a bar in San Francisco and asked each other questions in the style of Barbara Walters. After spending the night together, Colman told Raúl in a whisper, “I think I love you,” which made their relationship official.

Colman was first seen by Raúl outside of Walgreens, but a friend dragged him away. Later, he put up a Missed Connections ad on Craigslist. Colman saw it and replied, which is how they met and fell in love. As their friendship grew, Raúl became a big fan of Colman’s work and went to all of his performances and important events like award ceremonies.

Colman Domingo

People have said that their love story is magical and uplifting, and Colman says that she believes they were meant to meet.

When did they get married?

AccoRding to TODAY, Colman Domingo and Raúl Domingo got married in a small wedding in California in 2014. The wedding was a surprise for the 25 guests, who thought they were going to a house party. When they got there, they were told, “Welcome to our wedding.”

Colman wore a Hawaiian shirt to the party, which went on until the wee hours of the morning and had a lot of dancing. They met for the first time in a Walgreens parking lot in Berkeley, California, almost ten years ago. From there, their friendship grew stronger.

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