Who Is Dove Cameron Dating 2023? Revealing Singer Current Relationship Status!

Dove Cameron is a singer and actress from the United States. She became famous for playing both Liv and Maddie on the Disney Channel comedy show Liv and Maddie from 2013 to 2017. She got the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming for this role.

Cameron has been in several movies and tv shows. She started as a singer with the Liv and Maddie (2015) soundtrack record. In the same year, she released her first song, “If Only.” It was on the soundtrack album for Descendants, which topped the U.S. Billboard 200 and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.).

However, most of her fans are curious to know about her personal life. They are interested in finding out who Dove Cameron is dating. In this article, we will provide you with all the details about Dove Cameron’s dating status.

Dove Cameron

Who Is Dove Cameron Dating 2023?

According to sources, As of 2023, the American singer and actress Dove Cameron is not dating anyone. She has kept some of her personal life quiet and hasn’t said much about it lately. Dove Cameron is well-known for her hit song “Boyfriend,” which came out in 2022. Before that, she was known for playing twins on the Disney Channel comedy show “Liv and Maddie.”

But she hasn’t been honest about specific details about her past relationships. Dove Cameron’s primary focus has been on her successful job in the entertainment industry, where she continues to amaze people with her talent and variety.

In 2016, she showed off her skills in the live TV musical Hairspray Live! on NBC. Cameron also appeared on stage as Cher Horowitz in an off-Broadway version of the movie Clueless from 2018 to 2019.

Who Has Dove Cameron Dated?

She has been open about her personal life as well over the years. She came out as queer in 2020. In an Instagram Live, she said that she is “super queer” and that she wants to show her sexuality through her songs because it’s part of who she is. Since her last high-profile relationship ended, she has kept her personal life, including her relationships, pretty quiet.

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan (2013 To 2016)

McCartan and Cameron met on the set of Cameron’s hit Disney Channel show “Liv and Maddie,” where their on-screen relationship turned into a real-life one in 2013. In April 2016, they decided to get married, but they broke up less than six months later.

“Dove has decided this relationship isn’t what she wants. We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful,” McCartan tweeted at the time. In a 2019 interview with Seventeen, Cameron reflected on how hard it was to try to be picture-perfect in the relationship at all times — she was only 20 at the time, and McCartan only 22.

Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan (2013 To 2016)

Dove Cameron And Thomas Doherty (2017 To 2020)

Cameron dated another co-star she met on the set of a Disney movie after McCartan. Doherty played Harry Hook in the 2017 “Descendants” remake, and he and Cameron got along very well right away. Cameron told Seventeen in 2019: “He told me he loved me less than a week after we met, and he has never changed his mind.”

“My relationship with Thomas has been different than anything I’ve ever experienced with another human right from the very start,” she continued. “I know this is cheesy, but honestly, right from the moment we met, it felt like the earth moved, for both of us . . . I’ve never experienced an equality like we have, a real admission of who and what we are together and the guttural knowing that this is right.”

The two people broke up in October 2020. “Hi, everyone! We know there have been rumours and confusion about our relationship lately, so we wanted to clear things up,” Cameron wrote on her Instagram story in December of that year. “Thomas and I agreed to split up in October. It was tough to make a choice, but we still love each other and will stay friends.”

Dove Cameron And Thomas Doherty (2017 To 2020)

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