Who is Fani Willis’ husband? Relationship between Fani Willis and her special prosecutor explained

In a 2020 interview, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said she would not sleep with her staff. She is accused of having an affair with the special prosecutor she hired to bring charges against former President Donald Trump in his Georgia election interference case.

People are mad at Willis because she is said to have seen Nathan Wade behind his back. In November 2021, she hired Wade as an exceptional lawyer in a high-profile case and paid him a lot of money. The next day, Wade filed for divorce from his wife. Wyho actually is Fani Willis’ husband?

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Who is Fani Willis?

Fani T. Willis is the District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia. Fulton County is the biggest county in the state, home to more than a million people.

She has been in the news because of her connection to the Georgia Trump 2020 election case and her questionable friendship with the special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

One of the accusations against her is that she hired her boyfriend improperly as the trial’s prosecutor, which she has rejected. Many claims and lawsuits have been filed about the situation, which is still happening as of this writing.

fani willis

Who is Fani Willis’ husband?

Fani Taifa Willis had a lucky run-in with Fred Willis, who was working as an extra-curricular videographer, on the day she took the Georgia bar test. The two got married in 1996 after meeting online and having two girls together.

In 2005, Fani Willis and her husband split up. Willis loves her two kids, Nia Kisura Willis and Kinaya Imani Willis, more than anything else. Kinaya, her youngest daughter, is 24 and attends Texas Southern University.

She wants to work in radio and TV. Fred, their father, used to be married to Fani Willis. She met him on the day she took the bar test. Fred had an extra job as a photographer in Atlanta, where they met.

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Willis remembered, “He had some nice legs.” “I got two pretty girls from it.” That’s why I chose to stay in Atlanta. No one knows how long they dated, but she married six months after graduating from Emory.

Willis and her husband got a divorce in 2005 when their girls were four and five years old. However, the DA made sure that her daughters were always cared for. Her kids could come over and sleep on the couch in her office while she got ready for court.

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Relationship between Fani Willis and her special prosecutor

There are claims that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had an inappropriate relationship with Nathan Wade, her special prosecutor. Wade was chosen to lead the prosecution of former President Donald Trump in Georgia’s 2020 election case.

Joycelyn Wade, Nathan Wade’s wife, filed a motion in court saying that Nathan Wade paid for his expensive vacations with Willis with money his law business got from Fulton County.

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Bank records and credit card statements turned in to the court show that Nathan Wade planned flights and trips for himself and Willis, such as a trip to San Francisco and one to Miami. It’s not that Willis has denied the claims, but he has defended Wade against claims that he wasn’t prepared to be a special prosecutor.

There are a lot of questions about the accusations, and it needs to be clarified if they make the indictment against Trump and 18 others for racketeering and other charges less accurate. Willis has three exceptional attorneys working on the election case, and on Sunday at church, she fought hard for Wade’s credentials.

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