Who is Kady McDermott’s boyfriend? Find rumors about her Mystery Man!

When reality TV veteran Kady McDermott returned to Love Island a few weeks ago, she shocked the nation. Since then, she has caused as much fuss as she did the first time.

This time, the issue is not her misbehaviour in the villa, such as when she called Tina Stinnes a “c**t” or got into a screaming war with Scott Thomas; instead, it is her behaviour outside the island.

The rumours that Kady is in a secret relationship outside of the show explain why she has yet to spend much time getting to know either of the Love Island males (Zachariah Noble and Ouzy so far).

Who is Kady McDermott's boyfriend

Who actually is Kady Mcdermott?

Kady McDermott is a television personality, social media influencer, and former reality TV show Love Island contestant. She first appeared on Love Island in 2016 during the show’s second season and finished in third place alongside her partner Scott Thomas.

Kady re-entered the Love Island villa in 2023 for the show’s latest season. She is known for her appearances on Love Island and has since worked as a social media influencer and brand ambassador. Kady McDermott is also a content creator and makeup artist.


Is Kady McDermott in a relationship?

Kady’s relationship status is unknown, but many viewers assume she already has a boyfriend based on her lack of romantic interest in the Love Island villa.

One Twitter user commented on her situation with Casa’s Ouzy: “There was enough space between Kady and Ouzy to fit Kady’s alleged boyfriend #LoveIsland.”

Agreeing, a third user commented, “I’d vibe with Ouzy and Kady more if she didn’t have a boyfriend #LoveIsland.”

Who is Kady McDermott's boyfriend

Some, however, are trying to defend Kady by saying that the boys on Love Island aren’t giving her enough time or are just using her as a “rebound” because she hasn’t found love yet.

Someone on Twitter said, “Big big Kady McDermott returned from season 2 just to be a rebound.”

Who is Kady McDermott’s mysterious boyfriend?

According to Heart, Rumours have been circulating that Kady has been dating Liam Greer for almost a year. Kady supposedly dated Liam Greer for more than a year.

The rumoured couple ate had a pricey Mayfair restaurant as a last hurrah before she jetted out to Mallorca. There has been no confirmation of any of these rumours, though.

Concerned followers of Ouzy have flocked to Twitter to voice their fears for the rapper. When viewers see Ouzy fixating on the Love Island 2017 star, they worry he would end up heartbroken after abruptly appearing on the popular dating show.

Who is Kady McDermott's boyfriend

Recently, Kady and Ouzy have grown closer, but rumours have circulated that Kady is hiding a passionate interior life.

Take a look into following articles:

How long have Kady and Liam been dating?

The Daily Mall states that Kady and Liam, both 30, have reportedly been dating for over a year and have had several lavish vacations together. When The Sun approached Liam for comment, he politely declined. After several high-profile hookups and breakups, a source informed the publication,

“Kady has remained tight-lipped about her mystery man Liam.” She should have known there was a police inquiry because they came to her house seeking him.

It may explain their connection’s mystery, but that hasn’t stopped them from flourishing. According to MailOnline, an ITV representative said, “Kady was single when she entered the Villa.”

Who is Kady McDermott's boyfriend

To participate in Love Island, contestants must be unattached and open to romantic possibilities. While Liam was under investigation for money laundering over £350,000 in 2022, he and Kady allegedly celebrated Valentine’s Day at the five-star Bvlgari Hotel. Later that same year, they took a trip to the Maldives and another to Ibiza.

From when she moved into her Hertfordshire home until the week she left for the event, Kady and Liam were regular visitors. According to The Mirror, law enforcement became suspicious when $300,000 appeared in his bank account from unknown senders. Since he allegedly stayed with Kady then, the news source claims that Kady’s house was searched as part of the probe.

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