What is Your Favourite Youtuber Ranboo Real Name, Real Face, Age, Family, And More

Ranboo is one of the most popular youtubers who make minecraft videos. He has nearly 4 million subscribers on youtube. He knows much about minecraft maps, how-to guides, and live streams. “For years, ranboo has been a popular figure in the minecraft streaming community, known for his engaging content and distinct voice.

Despite the nosy eye of the media, ranboo has managed to keep his private life away from the limelight. This article tells you everything you need to know about ranboo, including his real name, face, age, family, and more. Let’s find out.


Ranboo Fast Facts

Name Ranboo
Date of Birth November 2, 2003
Birth Place America (USA)
Residence San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States
Nationality American
Profession Twitch streamer and YouTuber
Age 20 years old as of now
Net Worth $5 Million
Sun Sign Capricorn

What Is Ranboo Real Name?

Ranboo is a twitch and youtube star from the united states. Ranboo real name is mark ranboo.

The Early Life Of Ranboo

Ranboo was born in the united states on  November 2 2003, to an american family. He went to a private high school in his hometown and graduated from there. So far, he has yet to go to college to get a better education. He will not likely go to college and quit his job on social media. He hasn’t said anything about his parents or siblings, though.

Ranboo: Career

Ranboo started his youtube channel in january 2020: he posted a skywars video game on his channel. Ranboo’s first video, “I decided to play skywars, it was a nightmare,” will come out in august 2020. he started streaming on twitch a month later. He also started posting on tiktok, which got him a lot of youtube followers. On the first day, he posted anything, he got as many as 200 followers.

In november 2020, ranboo joined dream S.M.P. And helped tommyinnit burn down georgenotfound’s house in l’manberg. In february 2021, ranboo reached the one million subscriber milestone on youtube. He declared the 26th of every month a national ranboo day to celebrate himself since he thinks thanksgivings are boring.

Ranboo’s first collection of goods, called ranboo fashion, comes out in september 2021. In february 2022, rainbow declared he is part of the e-sports organisation. Ranboo also made a big step forward on november 27, 2022, when he stated in Langberg that he was running for president. Ranboo has been in several mc competitions. The noxcrew sets up these tournaments for youtubers and streamers to play minecraft.

The presenter didn’t participate in the first 14 mc finals; there was even a rumor that he was banned. But it turned out that this was not true. In the 15th mc championship, he teamed up with tapl, tubbo, and wilbur soot in the pink parrots team. The team earned third place, while he came 14th as an individual.

In the next mc championship, he was in the red rabbits team with ph1lza, wilbur soot, and Tommyinnit. They got 3rd place overall, with him being in 24th place. In the 17th mc championship, he aligned with shubble, smajor, and wilbur soot. They came in 3rd place. They were placed in third place under the cyan centipedes team in the 18th mc championship. He and his team were in 4th place in the 19th mc championship.

Ranboo career

Is There A Ranboo Face Reveal?

Ranboo hasn’t said anything about showing his face for a personal accomplishment or another unique event. He has millions of fan’s on the internet, so he has had a lot of chances to do so. But the black and white mask that was his trademark had a mistake in 2021.

According to The sun, ranboo’s face was barely seen when his mask fell off while talking in april 2021. The video isn’t online anymore, but many people took screenshots. Still, he doesn’t mind making fun of his fans for wanting to see his face. He is happy with tommyinnit, a youtuber who tried to remove his mask while being filmed.

Tommyinnit and another youtuber, tubbo, try to take ranboo’s mask off in one video. In another video, tommyinnit takes ranboo’s show off, but he covers his face so you can’t see it. There are a few videos where this happens. This could be a sign that ranboo might one day show up on his terms. He hasn’t said anything to show that, though.

Ranboo Face Reveal

Who Is Ranboo Girlfriend?

Ranboo and aimsey, who both stream on twitch, are certainly close with one another. Aimsey was a child actress before she became famous on twitch and tiktok. She was in shows like casualty before she joined the streaming community. But they never told publicly they were dating.

Ranboo and aimsey

What Is Ranboo Net Worth In 2023?

According to Sportskeeda, ranboo estimated net worth in 2023 is $5 million, and this number is steadily going up. Ranboo makes a lot of money from his main twitch feed, “Ranboolive.” in his first month, he had more than 100,000 subscribers. On average, he is thought to have between 60,000 and 70,000 members. Just from tier-1 customers, he makes between $1.94 million and $2.1 million a year. This doesn’t include any donations he might have gotten from his fans, but he does make money from his other twitch channel, “Ranboobutnot.” his youtube channel makes between $104.4k and $123.6k a year.

Ranboo makes most of his money from his twitch channel. When you add up the money he makes from his twitch and youtube channels, you get somewhere between $2 million and $2.3 million. This number does not include money from sponsorships, gifts, or the sale of merchandise.

Ranboo: Charity Work

Ranboo made over $100,000 for an organization that helps LGBTQ+ people during his 10-hour charity stream. In just one day, he added 44.5k more subscribers and hit a hype train rate of 59215%.

4 Surprising Facts 

1. He Has Facial Dysmorphia

Ranboo has opened up about his severe facial dysmorphia — the reason he wears masks

2. He’s Into Minecraft

Ranboo has been playing minecraft for nine years.

3. He Sleepwalks

Ranboo not only walks but also talks in his sleep.

4. He Would Have Worked At Taco Bell

Ranboo once said he would probably be working at taco bell if he hadn’t tried posting content on youtube.

Ranboo Social Media Account

Twitter 3.1 Million
Youtube 3.88 Million
TikTok 4.4 Million
Instagram 1.8 Million

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