Ashley Grayson’s Net Worth (2023 Updated): How did the Content Creator Make Money?

A content creator and entrepreneur, Ashley Grayson, told the public a little over a year ago that she made more than $1 million in the first forty minutes after putting her online course online. Now, a person on social media is collecting claims that she has scammed clients out of their money. This article helps you tp know the net worth of the content creator.

Ashley Grayson’s Net Worth

According to NetWorth Gorilla, Ashley Grayson is an entrepreneur from Fort Worth, Texas, who makes material and runs a business. She is famous for making $1,000,000 in just 40 minutes. She had a course online called Ed Digital Course Recipe.

She started Teachable and Stripe, and one of their pieces about the “creator economy” talked about her. Ashley Grayson has a net worth of about $30 million in 2023.

Ashley Grayso

Ashley Grayson’s Early Years

Ashley Grayson was born in the United States on August 4, 1988. She is 33 years old right now. On August 4, she had a birthday party. The names of Ashley Grayson’s parents are still not known.

Ashley Grayson’s Professional Life

Ashley Grayson started her first business, AM/PM Credit Repair, in 2017. Four years ago, she opened her own business. She made $30 million through different companies.

Ashley Grayson is a well-known person who has won awards. In her life, she won eight awards. After she started her business, many people asked her how they could start their credit improvement businesses.

Ashley Grayson joined the economy of creators. She has also made a course you can take online. Grayson completed a digital course called Course Recipe to help people who want to change their neighbourhoods. In just 40 minutes, Ashley Massengill made $1 million. In just 40 minutes.

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Ashley Grayso

Ashley Grayson made more than a million dollars after putting out her online course. She wrote on Facebook, “$1,039,943 in 40 MINUTES LESS THAN AN HOUR!!! Mama, I made it! Someone should call Forbes lmao TO GOD BE THE GLORY!” She quit her job because she could make more money in one month with her business than in three months at her day job.

She told him that “Yep! I TRIPLED my government salary while I was in my jammies. Just working from home and helping others reach their goals,” She told him, “When God tells you to MOVE, you MOVE. Even if you don’t know where he’s trying to take you, TRUST HIM. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us.

Ashley Accused of Scamming Clients Through her Online Course

The author of the Digital Course Recipe, who went through hard times like being kicked out of her home and having her car taken away, started her AM/PM Credit Repair in 2017 before she realized how much her federal salary had gone up just by helping other people reach their goals, as reported by BLACK ENTERPRISE.

Ashley Grayso

Grayson quit her job at the post office and eventually chose to teach people how to use their skills and interests to start their own online credit repair companies. Even though this is all reason to be happy, one claim doesn’t live up to the hype. It calls Grayson and her husband, Joshua Grayson of New Credit Law, LLC, “elite scammers.”

Sherell Hodge, who goes by @ess_ess_ache on TikTok, breaks down the charges she says many other people have made or heard. In a video with 2.3 million views, a TikTok user said of Grayson, “She scams people out of $1,000 or $2,000 so she can pay for this life she flaunts all over the internet.”

Ashley Grayso

Before making more claims, the TikToker says that the ones they have already made are not “proven facts.” She also says Grayson “took someone else’s course, tweeted it, raised the price, and sold it as her own.” In movies labelled “Part 2” and “Part 3,” Hodge keeps breaking down why Grayson’s business looks so good.

She talks about reviews that say Grayson “blocked people for the smallest reasons” and “deleted honest reviews.” Other reviews of her course say that the entrepreneur, who supposedly has a $30 million net worth, is “robbing people” of their “hard-earned money” by showing “Google slides” throughout the course.

Ashley Grayso

On the other hand, other students in the digital course gave the class high marks and said that people will always have something to say. “I’ve bought both classes at different times, and she is a great teacher. “I don’t regret paying for her class or making the investment,” wrote someone else.

“As a dcr graduate, I got my money’s worth, and other women I network with can say the same,” one user wrote in response to Hodges’ video.

Summing Up

Ashley Grayson loves to share her photos and movies on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She always posts about what she’s doing on social media to keep her fans interested. She has 40,4K Instagram fans. She is a well-known figure, and many people follow her on social media. In 2023, Ashley Grayson will have a $30 million net worth.

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