Fetty Wap Net Worth: How Rich is the Rapper Actually in 2024?

“Fetty Wap” is the stage name of American rapper, singer, and songwriter Willie Maxwell II. He was born in Paterson. Fetty Wap started out as a rapper in 2014 with the release of his first single, “Trap Queen.”

The song went silver and reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. He is signed with Atlantic Recording Corporation right now.

Fetty Wap Net Worth in 2024

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The American artist and producer Fetty Wap has a $1 million net worth. He became famous all over the world thanks to his 2015 song “Trap Queen.” His name quickly became one of the most well-known in the music business.

Fetty Wap

Fetty’s career took a big hit because of a string of scandals and legal problems, including a prison sentence that was given in May 2023. There’s more on this later in the story.

Since “Fetty” is a slang word for money, Fetty Wap got his name because he was good at making money. The word “Wap” is said to be a play on Gucci Mane’s stage name, GuWop.

Fetty is known for his unique style of music, which combines singing and rapping. Fetty Wap makes a lot of money from traveling, selling albums and songs, and making smart investments.

Music Career of Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap’s music career took off when his first song, “Trap Queen,” did well at the charts. With his unique mix of hip-hop and R&B music and his unique singing style, he quickly gained a lot of fans.

Success with First Album

When it came out in 2015, his self-titled debut record went straight to number one on the Billboard 200 chart. “679” and “My Way,” two more top 10 songs from the album, solidified his place in the music business even more.

Fetty Wap

Success in the future

Since his first album, Fetty Wap has kept putting out music and working with other artists, which has kept him relevant in the music business.

Where Does Fetty Wap Get His Money?

The main thing that makes Fetty Wap rich is his music, but he has added other sources of income over the years.

Music Sales and Streaming: Fetty Wap’s net worth comes mainly from album sales, song sales, and streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.

Live music and tours: One more big way Fetty Wap makes money is through live shows and trips. His shows are always sold out because of how energetic he is and how loyal his fans are.

Items for sale: Aside from music, Fetty Wap also makes money by selling clothes and other items under his own name.

Fetty Wap

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How Fetty Wap Lives and Spends His Money

Fetty Wap lives a fancy life, just like many famous people. The way he spends his money shows how successful he is in the music business.

Real Estate: Fetty Wap owns a lot of property, including a fancy house in New Jersey.

Cars: He likes high-end cars and has a number of them, such as a BMW i8 and a Mercedes-Benz CLS AMG.

Fetty Wap

Helps Good Causes: Fetty Wap has a lot of money and fame, but he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He does a lot of good things for others, especially in Paterson, where he grew up.

Giving and helping the community: Fetty Wap has given money to a number of good causes in the Paterson area and has been involved in projects that try to make the lives of those less fortunate better.

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