Meredith Garretson’s Net Worth: Wealth of American TV actress in 2024 revealed!

American theater and TV actress Meredith Garretson is 40 years old and well-known for her parts in shows like Resident Aline, The Offer, and Fosse Verdon. Michaela is married to Daniel Garretson, an American photographer.


She began playing in 2011 and has been in several Hollywood movies and TV shows, including Elementary, Fosse Verdon, and others. Because she is such a good actress, Meredith has continued to get movie fans’ attention on the internet, with many trying to find out more about her.


Meredith Garretson’s Net Worth

With parts in movies and TV shows like “Resident Alien,” Meredith Garretson is known for having a net worth of over $2 million, as per reports of Taazastories. She has a lot of money because she is an actress, and she is looking for more work in the entertainment business.

Born in Washington, DC, Meredith went to New York University to improve her playing skills and earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in acting.


Her family’s support and her love of telling stories have helped her do well as an actress. Meredith’s work to start a theater group called LabRats also shows how dedicated she is to helping new artists get started in the field.

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Meredith Garretson Career

There is a famous actor named Meredith Garretson who has been in many movies, TV shows and plays. She became well-known for her part as Kate Hawthorne on the TV show “Resident Alien.” She has also been in other well-known shows, like “The Good Fight” and “The Offer.”


Meredith Garretson has been working as an actor for more than ten years and has proven herself to be versatile and skilled. What she did in the new season of “Resident Alien” has brought her even more fame and attention.

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