What Is Robyn Bernard Net Worth in 2024 As She Recently Died?

Robyn Bernard changed the entertainment business for a long time. She was an actress who was known for her parts in both American and French productions.

Bernard was born on May 26, 1959, in Gladewater, Texas, USA. His work lasted many years and included many memorable roles. It’s too bad that her life was cut short; she died on March 12, 2024, in San Jacinto, California, USA. Find the net worth of the late actress.

Robyn Bernard Net Worth in 2024

LinkedIn says that Robyn Bernard is thought to be worth $1.1 billion. As the founder of Goosehead Insurance Agency LLC in Westlake, she has helped it grow to have over 1,100 licensed offices.

Robyn Bernard

Robyn Bernard Achievements:

  • She is famous for playing Terry Brock on the soap show “General Hospital” for 16 years.
  • Acted in a number of French movies, showing how versatile she is as an actor.
  • Got good reviews for her roles in “Betty Blue” (1986) and “Diva” (1981).
  • She helped make “General Hospital,” one of the longest-running American soap shows, a hit.

Important Movies:

  • “Betty Blue” (1986), in which she played Béatrice Dalle in the French romantic thriller directed by Jean-Jacques Beneix.
  • She played a part in the 1981 French film “Diva” under the name Bernard Robin. The movie was directed by Jean-Jacques Beneix.
  • He played Monsieur Robin in the French film “Roselyne and the Lions” (1989), which was directed by Jean-Jacques Beneix.
  • “Simon & Simon” (1983): Played a Cowgirl Waitress as a guest star on this popular American TV show.

A reminder of the huge effect artists and actresses can have on people all over the world is Robyn Bernard’s long and impressive career. Even though she’s not here with us anymore, her acts will live on in the hearts of people for years to come.

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Robyn Bernard Notable Roles

Robyn Bernard

Bernard was best known for his part as Terry Brock on the long-running soap opera “General Hospital.”

During her 16 years on the show, she gave the character of feisty Terry Brock, also known as Terry O’Connor, depth and realism. Her portrayal of the character captivated viewers.

People could relate to her character’s problems, like her fight with alcoholism, and they showed how versatile Bernard is as an actress.

Bernard also made important contributions to French film by acting in well-known movies like “Diva” (1981) and “Betty Blue” (1986). The reviews for her performances were great, which added to her reputation as a skilled and versatile actress.

Robyn Bernard


Bernard’s untimely death left a hole in the entertainment world, but women around the world who want to be artists and actresses still look up to her.

Because she was dedicated to her job and could bring characters to life with realism and depth, she became a well-liked figure in the business.

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