Who is Alexander Smirnov? Former FBI informant accused of lying about Bidens’ Ukraine business

David Weiss, the special counsel, has charged Alexander Smirnov, a confidential source for the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), with giving false information and lying about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

According to Smirnov’s report to the FBI, “Businessperson 1,” who was the son of “Public Official 1,” was on the board of Burisma. This was based on claims made in the charge. The indictment did not name the specific people that the former FBI agent talked about.

On the other hand, CNN said that its sources said “Public Official 1” was Joe Biden and “Businessperson 1” was Hunter Biden. Now that the news was out, not many people knew much about Smirnov.

alexander smirnov

Who is Alexander Smirnov?

TimesNowNews says that Alexander Smirnov is 43 years old and used to work for the FBI as an informant. Smirnov is now being charged with lying to the FBI after being a secret spy for a while. He is also charged with making fake records about the first family.

Smirnov was caught by the FBI on Thursday at Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International Airport. Reports said he came to the US from another country. In the afternoon, Smirnov would be taken to a federal court to be held for more time.

At the time this story came out, it wasn’t clear if Smirnov had a lawyer. The police didn’t say much about his personal life out in public.

alexander smirnov

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This happened the day before, when a former business associate of the first son appeared against Biden Jr. and made similar accusations, pointing out that Bidens were making money off of Hunter’s business deals in Ukraine.

CNN got access to court records that show Smirnov told an FBI agent that he had talked to the owner of Burisma about the company’s plans to buy a business in the US.

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