Animal Control Season 3 Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast, Plot & Other Details

Animal Control is a show made by Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg, and Dan Sterling. It’s about made-up people who work at a Seattle animal control service.

Fox showed the first episode of Season 1 on February 16, 2023, and the second on March 6, 2024. This is what we found out about when Season 3 will be out if you are interested. Here is everything we know about when Animal Control Season 3 will be out.

Animal Control

When will Animal Control Season 3 come out?

Deadline said that the office comedy Animal Control has been picked up for a third season early by Fox Entertainment. The second season of the single-camera show starring Joel McHale is set to start on March 6, along with Family Guy.

Who is coming back for Animal Control Season 3?

Screenrant says that the cast of Animal Control is likely to stay the same during season 2 unless something big happens. The show is led by Joel McHale, who plays Frank Shaw, a cynical former police officer who doesn’t take his job at Seattle Animal Control very seriously.

Animal Control

Besides McHale, most of the main and supporting players will likely be back to continue their different dramatic and comedic stories. Animal Control doesn’t have a lot going on in the story, but the personalities stay the same throughout the show’s multiple seasons.

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Plot of Animal Control Season 3

Season 3 of “Animal Control” is expected to continue following the lives of local animal control workers whose jobs are made more difficult by the fact that animals are simple and people are complicated.

Animal Control

The show is about Frank, an odd and opinionated animal control officer who has a special way of understanding animals but has trouble talking to people because he used to be a police officer.

Season 3 should go into more detail about how the crew works together, their personal lives, and the cases they take on, while still keeping the humor and charm that fans have loved in previous seasons.

Animal Control

Where to watch Season 3 of Animal Control?

You can view Season 3 of “Animal Control” on Hulu or watch it on Fox.

Animal Control

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