Kin Season 3 Release Date, Cast, What To Expect, Trailer & More Update!

Kin is an Irish crime drama TV show premiered on RTÉ on September 9, 2021. The series, which revolves around a fictional Dublin family embroiled in gangland war, stars Aidan Gillen and Ciarán Hinds as rival gang leaders, Frank Kinsella and Eamonn Cunningham.

The show was first announced in November 2020, with co-creator Peter McKenna set to be the producer and Diarmuid Goggins set to direct the first four episodes. Later, it was said that Tessa Hoffe would be in charge of shows five through eight.

The series’ first episode aired in the US and Canada on AMC+ in February 2022. In the UK, the first episode aired on Sundance Now. A second season was announced on February 10, 2022. The second season released on 19 March 2023 and conclude on 7 May 2023. After the end of season 2, there is still more story left for season 3. People are eagerly anticipating season 3. In this article, we will tell you everything about Kin, including the release date, cast, what to expect, trailer, and more updates!

Kin Season 3: Is It Officially Renewed Or Cancelled?

According to sources, Kin Season 3 has not yet been renewed or canceled by RTÉ. RTÉ has stated that they will provide an update on the return of the popular show Kin “in the coming months” after fans noticed it was absent from the network’s fall schedule this week.

Kin viewers had anticipated that the popular crime drama would return in the coming weeks for a third season. Still, the recent bankruptcy of BRON Studios, the Canadian company that co-produced the show, has cast doubt on its return.

The company declared bankruptcy in July of this year, citing the pandemic and the ongoing Hollywood strikes as two primary causes of its financial difficulties. At the time, company CEO and co-founder Aaron L. Gilbert said in a statement:

“Having explored many options for many months, BRON had no choice but to take this step in light of its financial circumstances.

“The last few years have been incredibly difficult for BRON, and things have only gotten more complicated over these past months.”

On Wednesday whether Kin would still be back on our screens soon, an RTÉ spokesperson said:

“RTÉ would very much like Kin to return and continues to work with our international partners to make it happen.

“We hope to have a further update in relation to season 3 in the coming months.”

Kin Season 3 Is It Officially Renewed Or Cancelled

Kin Season 3: Potential Release Date

Fans of Kin can’t wait for the next season, but there is no clear date for when Season 3 will come out. However, we can get a good idea by looking at how past seasons worked. Based on this, Season 3 could be the standard in mid 2024 or end 2024. Remember that these are just estimates, so check back often for great news from the studio.

Kin Season 3: Potential Cast

The actors and actress will return to their original roles in the following season:

  • Charlie Cox as Michael Kinsella
  • Clare Dunne as Amanda Kinsella
  • Aidan Gillen as Frank Kinsella
  • Emmett J Scanlan as Jimmy Kinsella
  • Maria Doyle Kennedy as Bridget ‘Birdy’ Goggins

Kin Season 3: Potential Plot

Fans are very excited about Kin Season 3, and there are a lot of stories and guesses going around about what will happen. We might think the next season will focus more on the complicated relationships within the crime family, but it’s important not to give away big spoilers. People can discover things they didn’t expect, make new friends, and rekindle old fights. Get ready for exciting battles, shocking turns, and a story that will keep you interested all season.

Where To Watch Kin Season 3?

You can watch the Kin Season 3 on RTÉ when it’s released.

Is There A Trailer For Kin Season 3?

No there is no trailer for Kin Season 3. For now you can check the trailer for Kin Season 2 below.

KIN Season 2 (2023) | Official Trailer | BRON Studios

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