Beef Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled At Netflix? [2024 Updated]

Lee Sung Jin, who created Beef, reports the show’s planned new season positively. This comedy-drama will be available on Netflix in April 2023. It’s about Danny and Amy, two strangers who get into a long-lasting, violent fight after a strange case of road rage.

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong play the main characters in the show. Fans and reviewers alike have been clamoring for a second Beef season since the first season was such a hit. Read on to find information about the new season.


Will there be a Beef Season 2?

Dexerto says that Netflix hasn’t said anything about Beef Season 2, but the show’s author, Lee Sung Jin, has a lot of great ideas for it if it does come back.

While at the Golden Globes, Jin told Deadline, “We always pitched the season to buyers as an anthology series.” There would always be new people to meet. It’s really up to Netflix whether it stays limited or turns into a collection or if we keep going. But I’m ready no matter what they decide.”

Jin had told The Hollywood Reporter before this, “I’d love to make more.” At first, we thought of the show as a collection of short stories, with a new story and cast each season.

Beef Season 2

Rumours about when Beef Season 2 will come out

As was already said, there will not be a second season of the show. Of course, if it were picked up for a second season, the whole process would likely take at least a year, from writing to acting to filming to editing. Because of this, we won’t see any new shows until at least the spring of 2025.


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What will Beef Season 2 be about?

Danny and Amy’s story has ended by the end of season 1. We’d have to say goodbye to Yeun and Wong if the show goes forward as an anthology, but plans can always change. Lee told ELLE that in his original idea for the show, there were “multiple other beefs and other character types to explore.”

“Cards on the table, we did pitch this show as a limited anthology, so there is sort of a close-ended-ness to the story [of Danny and Amy],” he explained. “But, if I had the chance, I’d love to learn more about them because I love Danny and Amy as characters.” But yeah, this is meant to be a story with a conclusion.

We hope to hear soon about a restart, whether it means Danny and Amy getting back together or starting a new emotional roller coaster.


Who could star in Beef Season 2?

Jordan smiled as she sat at a dinner party table. Maria Bello played Jordan in the first episode of Beef. As was already said, if Beef returned for a second season, a new group of characters would likely be the focus.

But it’s not impossible that known faces could show up in future stories, even if they’re not the main characters. This happens in many anthologies, from The White Lotus to American Horror Story.

The first season of Beef ended without telling us what happened to a few people. For your knowledge, here are the main actors:

  • Steven Yeun as Danny Cho
  • Ali Wong as Amy Lau
  • Joseph Lee as George, Amy’s husband
  • Remy Holt as June, Amy and George’s daughter
  • Young Mazino as Paul, Danny’s brother
  • Patti Yasutake as Fumi, George’s mother
  • Ashley Park as Naomi, Jordan’s former sister-in-law who left her husband for the businesswoman
  • Justin H Min as Edwin, an old friend of Danny’s who welcomes him into his local church
  • Alyssa Gihee Kim as Edwin’s wife Veronica, who used to date Danny

Alyssa Gihee Kim plays Violet, Edwin’s wife, who used to date Danny. While that’s true, we’ve seen the last of Mia (Mia Serafino), Amy’s former employee, and Maria Bello as Jordan Forster, a wealthy businesswoman who steals other cultures’ ideas.


Where Can I Watch Beef?

You can watch the series “Beef” on Netflix. The show was initially released on April 6, 2023, and has become available for streaming on the platform.

The series stars Ali Wong as Amy Lau and Steven Yeun as a down-on-his-luck contractor, and it is based on a real-life road rage incident that occurred to the show’s creator, Lee Sung Jin.

The show has won multiple awards, including Golden Globes for Best Limited TV Series, Best Actress in a Limited Series for Ali Wong, and Best Male Actor in a Limited Series for Steven Yeun.

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