Not Dead Yet Season 3 Is Not Yet Confirmed – Release Date, Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

Is Not Dead Yet coming back for a third season? It’s quickly becoming one of ABC’s most popular new shows. The show is based on Alexandra Potter’s book Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up.

It’s about a reporter named Nell Serrano who writes obituaries for a local paper. Nell thinks her job is a dead end, but she starts seeing and hearing the ghosts of the people she’s eulogizing, and they teach her important lessons about life that only she can understand.

Not Dead Yet had a surprise hit in its first season, so it was quickly picked up for a second season that was rushed to air even though the Hollywood strikes of 2023 caused some problems.

Not Dead Yet

While reviews have been mixed, audience comments have been much more positive, which is why ABC was confident enough to renew (via Rotten Tomatoes).

Not Dead Yet is a heartfelt comedy that doesn’t do anything new, and star Gina Rodriguez takes the episodes with her easygoing charm. Not Dead Yet season 3 seems very possible, but nothing is certain yet.

Not Dead Yet Season 3 Is Not Yet Confirmed

Screenrant surprised that ABC hasn’t given the go-ahead for Not Dead Yet season 3 yet, since season 2 is still pretty new. The show didn’t miss a beat during the strike, so fans should stay the same.

However, ABC probably won’t renew the show until it’s proven that it wasn’t just a one-season fluke. Not Dead Yet season 2 was announced a few days after season 1 ended, and season 3 will likely be announced in the same way.

ABC might renew in the middle of the season, though, if the ratings are great.

Not Dead Yet

Storyline of Not Dead Yet Season 3

Nell Serrano is the show’s lead character. She is an awkward American reporter in love who quit her job five years ago to start a new life with her partner somewhere in Britain.

But when love fails her, she goes back to America ready and determined to fix everything about her happy life as an adult woman living alone.

Since Nell’s new job is to write obituaries, she seems to be in a very strange situation. She keeps seeing the faces of people who have died and has to write eulogies for them. But then she finds out that only she can see and hear the ghosts.

Not Dead Yet

Who Will Be In Season 3 Of Not Dead Yet?

When these ghosts interact with Nell, they talk to her, advising her on something and telling her about their lives. Nell can write important obituaries with the ghosts as their storytellers of past lives because she meets them in otherworldly places.

After their stories are published, ghosts quietly leave, and Nell stays to think about what kind of world is left after those ghosts’ peace.

With its fantastical story and touching dialogue, the show explores themes of rebirth, which can come from kindness or people’s need to keep going even when things go wrong.

Not Dead Yet

What did Season 2 of Not Dead Yet happen?

The second season of Not Dead Yet just came out, and fans can’t wait to see how it ends. They can’t wait any longer because they are so excited about season 3. They want to know what happens in the season-ending too soon.

We’re afraid we can’t do anything about it because the last episode of Season 4 of Not Dead Yet hasn’t run yet. We will have to wait a few weeks to see what happens at the end of the show.

Fans are more excited than ever, but we have to wait because there aren’t any spoilers or leaks online that would let us know how the second season finishes.

For those curious about the latest in celebrities and entertainment, we encourage you to explore our earlier posts where we’ve extensively covered all the relevant information.

Not Dead Yet Season 3 Trailer

New season trailers usually come out a month or two before the season starts. Fans can expect the Season 2 trailer around the middle or end of 2024 since the movie is set to come out in early 2025.

It’s likely to tease the new relationships, hint at future fights, and show off the new characters that are coming to the show.

Not Dead Yet

How many episodes will there be in Season 3 of Not Dead Yet?

The number of episodes in Season 3 of Not Dead Yet has not been officially confirmed as of yet because the show has not been revived.

Usually, a TV season has between 10 and 20 shows, but this can change depending on things like production plans, network decisions, and other outside factors.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on how many episodes are in Season 3 of “Not Dead Yet,” you should get it from reliable sources, like the network that airs the show or reputable entertainment media.


Not Dead Yet Season 3 is still just a thought, but the idea of exploring the show’s unique premise and popular characters in more depth is very exciting.

People have been hooked on the show’s mix of humor, heart, and supernatural elements, setting the stage for a highly anticipated continuation. Fans are still looking forward to official news about where the show might go next. They are excited and guessing.

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