Save The Tigers Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

Save The Tigers, a trendy Telugu web series on Disney Plus Hotstar has become one of the most-watched shows of 2023. As we said before, the second season is set to begin in the second week of October 2023.

New sources confirm that filming is well underway, with half of the show already completed. The first season’s murder riddle kept people on the edge of their seats, and the second season is sure to do the same.

Mahi V. Raghav, the director, says that the new actors, like Seerat Kapoor, will make the comedy even better.

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Save The Tigers Season 2 Release Date

According to NEWS18. the second season of Save the Tigers is set to start in February 2024. It will have the same funny and interesting plot as the first season.

Cast for Save the Tigers Season 2

In “Save the Tigers” Season 2, Priyadarshi Pulikonda plays Ghanta Ravi, Abhinav Gomatam plays Rahul, Chaitanya Krishna plays Vikram, Pavani Gangireddy plays Madhuri, Sujatha, Deviyani, and Seerat Kapoor is a new cast member.

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Gangavva and Harshavardhan played big parts in the first season, but it’s not clear if they will be back for Season 2.

What will happen in Save the Tigers season 2?

Deccan Chronicle says that Save the Tigers Season 2 continues the story of three angry men who meet by chance and talk about their problems with their wives. This sets off a chain of crazy events.

The story is about the lives of Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Ghanta Ravi, Abhinav Gomatam as Rahul, Chaitanya Krishna as Vikram, Pavani Gangireddy as Madhuri, Sujatha, Deviyani, and Seerat Kapoor, who was just added.

The second season will start in February 2024 with a bigger budget than the first season, which means it will have more entertaining and family-friendly material.

save the tigers

The show is a social and family comedy that looks at the funny side of relationship problems without taking a side on gender.

Official Trailer for Save the Tigers Season 2

There isn’t an official trailer for Season 2 of Save the Tigers yet. However, the show is set to start airing in February 2024, and filming is already well underway. Stay tuned for more information about when the trailer will be out and when the show will start.

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