70+ Ullu Web Series Actress Name & Photos [Updated 2023 List]

Ullu is an Indian over-the-top (OTT) platform that produces and distributes web series in Hindi and other Indian languages. The platform has a wide range of web series, including drama, comedy, horror, and romance. Ullu is known for its bold and controversial content, and its web series have often been the subject of discussion and debate.

The Ullu app has gained popularity as an OTT platform recognized for its daring and unconventional content. It offers a range of series that revolve around female-centric themes. Among the well-received Ullu web series are Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Riti Riwaj, Chawl House, Kavita Bhabhi, Jaghanya, Prabha Ki Diary, Jane Anjane Mein, and many others.

The talented actresses in the Ullu web series captivate the audience with their performances, generating significant anticipation for future installments. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the Ullu cast and actresses, accompanied by their photos and additional details.

Here is the list of Ullu web series actress names with images and details:

Nehal Vadoliya

Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya Nehal Vadoliya ullu actress Nehal Vadoliya bikini Nehal Vadoliya in bra and penty

Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/nehal_nv8/?hl=en

Nehal Vadoliya, an Indian television actress hailing from Jamnagar, Gujarat, has made a mark in the entertainment industry with her work in popular shows like “Mangalam Dangalam” and “Shri Ganesha.” She has also ventured into the Gujarati film industry. Nehal started her career as a model and has since appeared in various web series, including ALTBalaji’s “Gandii Baat Season 3” and Ullu App’s “Julie.” She made a cameo appearance in the show “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.” Nehal Vadoliya’s talent and dedication have earned her recognition, including the Best Debut Actress award at the Gujarati Media and Film Awards. She is known for her dancing and singing skills as well. Nehal currently resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and continues to charm audiences with her captivating performances.

Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu Ullu Series ActressMishti Basu Hot ImagesMishti Basu Hot Images

Insta Handle- https://www.instagram.com/realpallavibasu/?hl=en

Mishti Basu, the epitome of sensuality and allure, is an Indian web series actress and model. Born in Kolkata, this bewitching beauty embarked on a journey into the world of modeling during her college days. With her stylish photoshoots, she rose to fame, capturing the hearts of millions on social media. Mishti, known for her boldness, made a striking entry into the world of OTT.

In the realm of web series, Mishti Basu has left an indelible mark with her scintillating performances. From “Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani” to “Palang Tod Friend Request,” she fearlessly embraces bold roles that set the screen ablaze. Her upcoming projects, including “Desi Tadka” and “Muse,” promise to enthrall her fans with even more sizzling content.

Family-wise, Mishti was born into a Bengali family and cherishes the unwavering support of her parents. As of now, this enchantress remains single and unattached, indulging in the freedom and passion that comes with her untethered heart.

Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul

Insta Handle- https://www.instagram.com/itssnehapaul/?hl=en

Delve into the captivating world of Sneha Paul, the Indian actress and model who has taken the industry by storm. From her mesmerizing physical features to her illustrious career, this article explores Sneha’s net worth, personal life, and notable achievements. Uncover the details of her upbringing in Kolkata, her education, and her rise to fame through web series like “Charmsukh Chawl House.” Discover Sneha’s family background and her discreet personal life, as well as her impressive net worth of $1 million in 2023. Get a glimpse into her favorite things and hobbies, along with a list of her notable web series. Follow Sneha on social media and immerse yourself in the intriguing world of this talented and enigmatic star.

Priya Gamre

Priya Gamre in bra Priya Gamre in desi look Priya Gamre in bra and penty Priya Gamre in bikini Priya Gamre in blue bikiniPriya Gamre latest photo in red bikini


Instagram Handle- https://www.instagram.com/priyagamreefame/?hl=en

Priya Gamre is an Indian actress known for her roles in Marathi films like Mukkam Post Dhanori (2014), 1 Navra 3 Bayka (2009), Black Home (2015), and Made in Maharashtra (2016). She was born on May 20, 1993, in Chiplun, Maharashtra. Priya is 5’4″ tall with black hair and black eyes. She comes from a Hindu family and follows Sai Baba. Priya is unmarried and has a sister named Naina. She has worked in both films and television, including the web series Dhobi Ki Dulhan Pyari Hai (2015) and TV series portraying Bayyaji Bai, the mother of Sai Baba. Priya has also worked as a stunt double for Bollywood actresses. She enjoys bike rides, parties, and occasionally drinks and smokes.

Thea D’suuza (Age 29)

Name: Thea D’souza
Real Name: 
Thea D’souza
29 (as of 2023)
Web Series: 
Charmsukh, Pratiksha
1 to 5 Lakhs (Estimated)

In a seductive aura, let me entice you with the enigmatic presence of Thea D’Souza, also known as Thea D’Suuza. This mesmerizing beauty hails from India, captivating hearts as both a sultry model and a captivating actress in the enticing realm of Bollywood.

Her educational journey led her to the prestigious Bombay University nestled in the vibrant city of Mumbai, where she nurtured her intellect and charm. Embarking on her mesmerizing career, Thea graced the world of fashion as a captivating model, effortlessly captivating the lenses with her irresistible allure.

However, destiny had grander plans for this enchantress, as she transitioned gracefully into the world of acting. Her illustrious debut took place in the tantalizing Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, an exclusive offering from the esteemed ALTBalaji.

Thea’s bewitching presence on the screen garnered her fame and adoration, leaving audiences yearning for more. It was in the scintillating Ullu Original online series, Charmsukh Flat, that Thea’s star truly ascended, casting an irresistible spell on viewers with her magnetic charm and undeniable sensuality.

Shreya Tyagi (Age 28)

Step into the seductive world of Shreya Tyagi, where beauty and mystique intertwine. With her captivating presence on the silver screen and in the realm of fashion, she leaves an intoxicating trail of desire in her wake. Born on the 12th of March, 1995, in the enchanting town of Panchkula, India, Shreya embodies the essence of divine femininity.

Her alluring performances in films and web series have bewitched audiences, while her radiant beauty and tantalizing physique leave admirers longing for more. Her eyes, dark and mysterious, hold secrets untold, while her flowing black locks cascade like an ebony waterfall. Shreya Tyagi is a sensuous enigma, a vision of desire that leaves hearts aflame.

Pihu Sharma aka Peehu Kanojia

Introducing Pihu Sharma, a captivating actress, and model who exudes sensuality with every glance. With a mesmerizing beauty that leaves hearts yearning for more, Pihu has amassed a colossal legion of admirers on Instagram.

Her magnetic presence shines brightest in music videos, short films, and alluring web series such as the seductive “Charmsukh Tawa Garam” and the intoxicating “Kulta.” Setting screens ablaze, her latest creation, “Kulta,” unleashed a feverish frenzy across Mood X OTT platforms.

Pihu Sharma’s enchanting performances also grace numerous Punjabi and Haryanvi music videos, leaving viewers spellbound.

Ruks Khandagale (Age 29)

Ruks Khandagale, the Indian enchantress of the screen, sets hearts ablaze with her sensuous presence. A sought-after model and actress, she entices with her captivating photoshoots and seductive albums. Familiarize yourself with every tantalizing detail of this extraordinary beauty.

In the sizzling web series “Palang Tod: Double Dhamaka,” Ruks Khandagale bewitches viewers, casting a spell of desire that lingers long after the screen fades.

Angel Bhandari (Age 23)

Seductively captivating, Angel Bhandari, the Indian enchantress, enthralls the world with her belly dancing prowess. In the realm of desire, she graces the reality series Skulls & Roses and bewitches in Ullu Originals’ scintillating Cat Lady. With a sultry presence, she sets hearts ablaze in the tantalizing web series Palang Tod. Beyond her artistic allure, Angel exudes an untamed spirit as a model and internationally trained belly dancer, embracing a life of passion on her own terms.

Aayushi Jaiswal (Age 26)

Bharti Jha (Age 25)

Bharti Jha is an Indian actress known for her contributions to the Bhojpuri film industry and web series. Hailing from Bihar, she has made a significant impact through her notable performances in various productions. Bharti’s talent shone through in her prominent roles in movies such as “Shaadi by Chance” and “Aghori.” However, it was her appearance in the Ullu web series “Doraha” that propelled her into the limelight and garnered immense recognition from the audience.

Amika Shail (Age 30)

Amika Shail is a talented actress recognized for her compelling performances in several notable productions. She gained prominence for her roles in popular shows such as “Baalveer Returns” (2019), “Gandii Baat 5” (2020), “Khunnas,” and “Charmsukh Tuition Teacher” (2021), showcasing her versatility and acting prowess.

In addition to her work in television and web series, Amika Shail has also made her mark in the realm of short films. She captivated audiences with her performance in the film “Video Call,” which was released in 2021, further cementing her reputation as a versatile and skilled actress.

Tabular description Ullu Web Series Actresses:

Actress Name DOB Birthplace Web Series
Mishti Basu 13th November 1996 Kolkata Jaghanya Dil Ke Armaan, Charmsukh Salahkaar, Palang Tod: Aadha Adhura Pyaar, Riti Riwaaz Pinjara, Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani and more
Chandana Gowda 17th November 1997 Bangalore, India Unknown Facts About Chandana Gowda (update soon)
Anushka Srivastav 29th October 1996 Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Kaneez Part-2, Kaneez Part-1, Ek Miraasan, Riti Riwaj TAALA CHAABI and more
Sneha Paul 27th November 1994 Mumbai Chawl House 3 Charmsukh, Chawl House 2, Laal Lihaaf 2, Laal Lihaaf, Charmsukh Chawl House, and more
Unika Ray 28th October 1995 Pune, Maharashtra, India Possessed Love, Mukhtasar, Lanka Mein Kooda Ji, “Charmsukh” Meri Padosan, and more
Mandakranta 8th November 1992 Third Eye (update soon)
Annanya Dey 19th June 1997 Not Known Charmsukh, Palang Tod, Riti Riwaz, Hotspot, Games of Karma, and more
Paromita Dey ‘Pari’ 11th June 1989 Kolkata Palang Tod Caretaker, Wrong Turn, SAAS BAHU & NRI I Palang Tod, Caretaker Part 2 Palang Tod, Caretaker 2 Part 2 Palang Tod, Wrong Turn Part 2, and more
Chestha Bhagat 03 Oct 1989 New Delhi Pratiksha (update soon)
Thea D’suuza 18 Aug 1994 Mumbai Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, Charmsukh Flat 69, XXX Season 2, Pratiksha, and more.
Amika Shail 12 Nov 1992 Kolkata, West Bengal Khunnas Part 2, Charmsukh Tuition Teacher, Charmsukh Impotent, Mail Trail Hotspot, Khunnas, Video Call, Chattis Aur Maina, Gandi Baat 5, Mask Man, and more.
Arohi Barde 1996 Not Known Saree Ki Dukaan Charmsukh, Barkha Bhabhi, Miss Chhaya, Adhuri Suhagraat, and more.
Ruma Sharma 06 Oct 1995 Delhi, India Kabootar, Guardian, Woh Wali Picture, 100 % Pleasure, and more.
Divya Burman 14 Jul 1995 Andheri West, Mumbai, India Jai Hanuman, Charmashuk, Yeah hai Ashique, Yeah hai Mohabattein, and more.
Angel Bhandari 21 July 1999 Kolkata, West Bengal Skulls and Roses, Cat Lady, Palang Tod, and more.
Shreya Tyagi Update soon Update soon Unknown Facts About Shreya Tyagi (update soon)
Simran Khan 06 Aug 1994 Pune, Maharashtra Video Calling Hotspot, Manglik, Ittefaq, Girls In Big City, Lovely Massage Parlour Part 3, Lovely Massage Parlour Part 2, Lovely Massage Parlour, Moh, Palang Tod Caretaker, Honeymoon Diary, SIYAPA, Manjulika and more.
Anusmriti Sarkar 23 Oct 1991 Kolkata, India Unknown Facts About Shreya Tyagi (update soon)
Pihu Sharma 7th August 1998 Chandigarh Boss X, Jabran Part 2, Bidaai Part 2 Charmsukh, Bidaai Charmsukh, Kulta, Tawa Garam 2 Charmsukh, Tawa Garam Charmsukh, Sanvida 2, Sanvida, Devrani Jethani Aur Woh. Badan Part 3, and more.
Aliya Naaz 27th January 1998 Kishanganj(Bihar) KaroNaa, Kaam Purush Part 2, Tadap, Bahu Jaan, Bahu Jaan 2, Takk, ATM Bhabhi, ATM Bhabhi, Saali Gharwali, Gidd Bhoj, Nayan Sukh, Mrs. Teacher 2, Shaukeen Uncle, Happy Birthday, Choodiwala, Choodiwala Part 2, Puddan Season 2, Online, Bhasad, Online Part 2, and more.
Priya Mishra 03 May 1996 Rewa, Madhya Pradesh Golu, Jaghanya Gaddar Part 2, Tigdambaaz 2, Gaddar Jaghanya, Dunali Part 3, Dunali Part 2, Riti Riwaj Mann Marzi, Dunali, and more
Noor Malabika 01 Nov 1994 New Delhi Adla Badli, Charmsukh Tapan, Palang Tod Siskiyaan, Palang Tod Siskiyaan 2, Sali Aadhi Gharwali, I Am Sorry Teacher, Mafia 2, and more
Ruks Khandagale 24th September 1994 Noida, Uttar Pradesh Khidki Part 2, Khidki, Dhanno Doodhwali, Ghaat Ghaat Kaa Pani, The Interview, Devadasi, Nympho, Faasla, Game, Ambition, Open House, Rikshawala, and more
Neha Gupta Update soon Mumbai Aunty Ka PG, Ghonchu, Dil Do Part 2, Dil Do Part 1, Honey Trap Part 2, Honey Trap Part 2, ATM Bhabhi, Pehredaar, Tapan Part 2 Charmsukh, Vasu, and more
Rakshanda Khan 27 Sep 1974 Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Unknown Facts About Rakshanda Khan (update soon)
Pamela Mondal 17 Apr 1992 Kolkotta, India Madhosh Diaries Adla Badli, Palang Tod Kirayedar, Prabha ki Diary Honeymoon Special, Prabha ki Diary Season 2, Gandi Baat 5, Ghapa Ghap, and more
Hiral Radadiya 7th April 1989 Delhi Khidki, Gulabo, Siskiyaan Season 3 Palang Tod, Honey Trap Part 2, Honey Trap, Paglet 2, Siskiyaan Season 2 Part 2 Palang Tod, Siskiyaan 2 Palang Tod, 61-62 Adla Badli, Raja ka Baja Charmsukh, Ittefaq, Rain Basera, and more
Shivangi Roy 4th October 2000 Guwahati, Assam Ishqiyapa, Palang Tod MOM & DAUGHTER, Gandi Baat 5, and more
Megha Gupta 13 May 1985 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Unknown Facts About Megha Gupta (update soon)
Leena Jumani 16 Jul 1990 Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Maaya 2, Good Night, and more
Shafaq Naaz 07 Feb 1993 Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India Guest Iin London, Halala, Mushkil, Ilzaam, Chitthi, Bas Cha Sudhi Season – 3, and more
Palak Singh 25 Nov 1995 New Delhi Palang Tod Sajaa ya Majaa, Criminal Justice, Gandii Baat Season 6, Dunali, Class of 2020, Pyada, and more
Ambika Shukla 12 Oct 1997 Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh What The F!!! Season 2, Chull Paani Chalka, Takk part 2, Takk, Jhol Jhal, Paglet 2, and more
Rajsi Verma 11 October 1989 Mumbai, Maharashtra Love Guru (Season 2) Part 2, Love Guru Season 2, Charmsukh Mom and Daughter, Charmsukh Sautela Pyaar, Woh Teacher, Charmsukh Sex Education, Shikari, Khidki, Mystery, Shaurya, Palang Tod Double Dhamaka, Palang Tod Damaad Ji, Favorite Teacher, and many more
Bharti Jha N/A Bihar, India Aunty Ka PG, KaroNaa, Dhanno Doodhwali, Farebi Yaar Part 2, Babuji, Yaar Farebi, Yes, Mam, Doraha, Haldi Kumkum, Mahavar, Doraha Part 1, Doraha Part 2, Rain Basera, 61-62 Jara Dhire Dhire, and more
Abha Paul 7 August 1989 Mumbai, Maharashtra Mastram, Gandi Baat, Kaumsurta 3d, Lolita PG House Part 2, Hai Taubba 3, Lolita pg house part 1, Hai taubba, Mallu Aunty ka malmal (Mastram), Hai taubba, Taste, Namkeen 2, and more
Kumari Simran 12 Sep 1986 Mumbai Suno Sasurji web series and more
Agni Pawar 25 Jun 1988 Mumbai Gandi Baat 2, Deal Friendship, Mere Pyare Jija Ji, and more
Mahima Gupta 16 Sep 1996 Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh I Love Us 3 Tu Meri Aashiqui Hai, Gandi Baat 6, Bhootiyapa, Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher, Raktanchal, Gandii Baat, Charamsukh, and few more
Supriya Shukla Lucknow, UP Mand, Charmsukh Highway, Gandi Raat Season 3, Loyalty Test, and more
Rekha Mona Sarkar 23 Oct 1996 New Delhi Palang Tod Caretaker, Palang Tod Shor, Mohini Bhabhi 2, Chu Kat Gaya, Move On, Mental, You Me and My Padosan, Jassi King The Fakr, Golden Hole, Two Hot M$lf, Raneji, Mohini Bhabhi, Zoya Ki Pyaas and many more
Aritaa Paul 27 May 1989 Chhupa Rustam, Double Trouble, My Girlfriend’s Love Story, Digital Ishq, Waham, Kasoor, Sparsh, The Gift, Hum Apke Fan Hai, and more
Priyanka Upadhyay 09 Apr 1996 09 Apr 1996 Behind the scene, Paying guest, Muthiya, Stranger, and more
Sharanya Jit Kaur 16 Jul 1991 Hindu Online Ishq Web Series, Mysterious Lust, The Deal, Love Letter, Black Rose, Mary Aur Marlow, Kavita Bhabhi Season 3, Kavita Bhabhi 3 Part 2, Mohini Bhabhi 2, Family Strokes 2, Psyco Saiyan, Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap, Relationship Counsellor, and more
Mokshita Raghav 14 Sep 1995 New Delhi, India The Housewife Prabha ki Diary Season-2, Atithi In House, Kamya Sutra, and a few more
Mahi Kaur 27 Oct 1987 Delhi Watchman Part 3, Gaon Ki Garmi Season 2 Palang Tod, Charmsukh Yeh Kaisa Rishta, Rupay 500, Bhookh, Ratri, Asli Sukh Love Letter, Asli Sukh Dostana, Asli Sukh Sautela Baap, Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi, Path Shala, and many more
Ayesha Kapoor 26 Aug 2000 Haryana Vaishya, Baba Rancho, Dil Do, Jhol, Siyapa, My Cousin Sister
Sonia Singh Rajput 12 Nov 1991 Mumbai Paglet 2, Diary Of Lust, Sundara Bhabhi 3, Sundara Bhabhi 2, Love On Rent, Nuru Massage, Page 3, Daag, Gupt, Kalank, Baby Sitter 2, Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan and many more
Alisa Bella 16 Dec 1990 Mumbai Desi Maal Videshi Pose, Home Alone, Tharki Chhotu, and more
Shanaya Ans 12 Oct 1996 Delhi Dirty Deal, Nayi Bahu, Trust, Rasmalai, Nayi Naveli, and more
Pooja Kashyap 12 Dec 1996 Mumbai Sunday, Mohini, Naughty Hotty, Drive, Loyalty Test, The Gift
Sana Khan 21 Aug 1998 Mumbai Gandi Kitab, and coming soon
Pihu Jaiswal Mumbai Khidki, Palang Tod Naye Padosi, Photoshoot, Nayee Padosan, Sisters, GI GO LO.v, and more
Ankita Dave 03 Jun 1996 Rajkot, Gujarat Golu, Rajneeti, Gaachi, Teri Khata, Singardaan, Mere Angane Main, Siddhu, Nagar Vadhu, Chicken Curry, Zid (Hotshots Originals), and more
Anmol Khan 29 Sep 1995 Mumbai, India Implsh, Obsession, Saheli, and more
Anchal Singh 05 Apr 1992 Chandigarh, India Akarsha, Yeh Kali Kali Ankhen, Undekhi, Zakhmi, Bomb Jigra, Punj Khaab, Punj Khaab, Dhilluku Dhuddu, Holiday, Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Sri Siddhartha Gautama, and more
Shrutika Gaokar N/A Goa, India Atithi in House, Hurt Mainu Kar Gayi: Simran Jeet, Kardi Aa Worry, Five as Same, Mera Baalam, Lalla Lalla Lori, 92 Hours, Ishqholics, The last night, Sivaranjani, Pending love, All About Section 377, Three Atrangi Jai-Veeru-Gabbar, and more
Sarah Hashmi N/A New Delhi Operation MBBS, Parikatha, Bebaak, Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, Chhoti, Alisha, Not Fit, Dil Dhadakne Do, Bombay Talkies, and more
Megha Saxena N/A Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh The Accidental Love Story, Gharelu Pyar, and a few more
Pihu Kanojia N/A Mumbai, India Sursuri Li, Sanvida, Rangraliya, Tawa Garam Charmsukh, Jism Aur Jajbat, Sundra Bhabhi Returns, and more
Jayashri Gaikwad N/A Mumbai Jalabi, Pagle, Rail Gadi ChhukChhuk, Bidai, and more
Shiny Dixit N/A Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Gandii Baat (Season 1), Junoon-e-Ishq, Call Center, Sultan, and more
Ridhima Tiwari N/A West Bengal Mol Ki Bahu, Kitaab Ka Raaz, Sundara Bhabhi Returns, Jalebi Bai Part 1 and part 2, Sundara Bhabhi, Jism Aur Jajbat, Rangraliya, Madhosh Diaries Good Wife, and more
Komal Sharma N/A Chennai, Tamil Nadu Walkman Ullu web series, and more
Aayushi Jaiswal N/A Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Badan Part 2, Badan, Roopmati, Khatshala, Kamar Ki Naap Charmsukh, Hotspot Charr Charr, Damaad Ji Palang Tod, Southern Char, Namard, Chhinar, Criminal life, Maya,61-62 Pyasi Pushpa, Bhoot Bangla, Fantasy Call Hotspot, and many more
Priya Gamre N/A Chiplun, Maharashtra Watchman Part 3, Kaand, Dhobi Ki Dulhan Pyari Hai, Dil do, Shahad (Roopa), Siskiyaan Season 3, Watchman, Kaand, Dubeyji & The Boys, Caught, Relationship Counselor, Gaachi, Charmsukh, and more
Pallavi Debnath N/A Kolkota Mami No. 1, Choodiwala, Shilajit, Haye Yeh Aag, Thappa, Latke Pe Jhatka, AC Ki Taisi, Maanglik, Janghanya Upaay, and more
Aditi Kohali N/A Mumbai, Maharashtra Palang Tod Beta Aashiq Baap Ayyash, XXX Uncensored Season 2, Haye Garmi, and more
Donna Munshi N/A Hyderabad, Telangana Maaya: Slave of Her Desires, Jaal (Ullu web series), Jaal Part 2, Indori Ishq, and more
Taniya Chatterjee N/A Kolkotta Watchman Part 3, Watchman, Jaal Part 1, Watchman, Dil Do Part 1, Dil Do Part 2, Siskiyaan Season 3, Jaal Part 2, Kasak, and more
Muskaan Agarwal N/A Mumbai Khidki Part 2, Khatshala, Namak Part 2, Rupaya 500, Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki, Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil, Charmsukh Live Streaming, Rasmalai, Bhaka Bhak, Yes, I Am Hungary, Bindaas, Chanda Aur Chandni, Jaal and many more
Neha Parik N/A Jaipur, Rajasthan Dunali season 2, and more
Nehal Vadoliya N/A Jamnagar, Gujarat Imli Part 2, Imli, The Typewriter, Rangmanch, Julie, Gandii Baat Season 3, Mastram Season 1, Woodpecker, Amar Prem, Maya, Dunali, and more


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