Will Trent Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – What We Know So Far

It’s almost time for Will Trent to play again. A.B.C. released a full-length trailer for Season 2 of the popular crime show. In it, Susan Kelechi Watson, who used to be on This Is Us, is seen as a member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s bomb team—a possible love interest for Will.

Clark Gregg, who has been on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. since 2011, will also be in Season 2 as Arthur Highsmith, an accountant who gets into trouble and tries to leave town. TVLine was the first to report this. In the video above, Gregg first appears as he tries to escape Special Agent Trent.

Read on to find out the latest about Season 2 of Will Trent, such as when it will start airing, who will be playing the roles, and what the story will be about.

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Recent News of Will Trent Season 2

The last news about Will Trent season 2 was announced on November 16, 2023. Screenrant says that When the SAG-AFTRA strikes ended on November 9, A.B.C. quickly announced the air dates for many written shows that had been delayed across the network.

One was season 2 of Will Trent, which had been set in stone since April (not long before the WGA strike in May). A.B.C. has announced that the second season of Will Trent will start in February 2024.

When will Season 2 of Will Trent come out?

Vina and Michael Ormewood show up in the third episode of the first season of Will Trent. The second season of Will Trent will come out on February 20, 2024.

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Variety reports that A.B.C. picked up Will Trent for a second season on April 18, 2023, before the end of the first season.

A.B.C. believes the Karin Slaughter adaptation can be a long-running crime procedural. Season 2 of Will Trent will first air on A.B.C. and then can be streamed on Hulu.

What happens in Will Trent Season 2?

Whattowatch says that Will Trent is a police procedural at its core, though it’s too early to talk about plots for season 2. Check out the official summary of the whole series:

The story is based on Karin Slaughter’s best-selling Will Trent books. Will Trent, a special agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), was left at birth and had a hard time growing up in Atlanta’s overworked foster care system.

This is because Will Trent is determined to use his unique viewpoint to ensure that no one else is left behind like he was. He now has the best clearance rate in the GBI.

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What is Will Trent about?

The crime drama, based on Karin Slaughter’s best-selling books and led by TVLine Performer of the Year nominee Ramón Rodríguez, is about Special Agent Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The official logline says that Will was “abandoned at birth and endured a harsh coming-of-age in Atlanta’s overwhelmed foster care system.”

He now uses his “unique point of view in the pursuit of justice and has the highest clearance rate in the GBI.” People who read TVLine gave Season 1 an unusually high average score of “A+.”

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How did the first season of Will Trent end?

The Season 1 end of Will Trent changed the meaning of Will’s being left alone as a baby. Sonja Sohn played GBI assistant director Amanda Wagner. She knew Will’s mother, Lucy Morales, who was a sex worker who died giving birth. She also saved Will after serial killer James Ulster left him for dead.

Amanda had even planned to raise Will as if he were her child. At that time, a single woman couldn’t adopt. She loved him and thought she had given him to a good family. She felt terrible that his childhood went in a different direction. Still, she gave Will one thing: her mother’s name, Trent.

Who Will Be in Season 2 of Will Trent?

The second “Will Trent” season stars Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent, Erika Christensen as Angie Polaski, Iantha Richardson as Faith Mitchell, and Jake McLaughlin as Michael Ormewood. Another new cast member is Clark Gregg, who will join in Season 2.

There has yet to be any big news about who will be in Will Trent season 2. It is believed that Ramón Rodríguez will return as the title character. Rodriguez may have played the most crucial part in this movie, but he has also been in Lullaby, The Affair, The Defenders, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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Erika Christensen is also likely to come back. Many TV viewers know Christensen from her role as Julia on Parenthood. She has also played lead roles in Clover, Ten Days in the Valley, and Cheaper By the Dozen. Along with Sonja Sohn (The Chi), Iantha Richardson (This Is Us), and Jake McLaughlin (Quantico), we expect them to be back for season 2.

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Trailer of Season 2 of Will Trent

Here’s a sneak peek at the new season. Angie will be able to join the group, which is good news.

Will Trent Season 2 Trailer (HD)

How do you watch Season 2 of Will Trent?

New episodes of Will Trent air live on ABC in the US. ABC created the show. Some people who no longer have cable or satellite TV can watch ABC on live TV streaming sites like Fubo TV,

Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. People in the UK should be able to watch Season 2 shows on Disney Plus, but we need to know when that might happen. If you’d rather watch things whenever you want, episodes are available to stream the day after they play on Hulu.

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