Top 15+ Football/Soccer Anime To Watch Now | 2023

Soccer (or football outside of the us) is the most-watched sport in the whole world. People worldwide go to every game and those who can’t watch it on tv. Soccer is a very popular sport in japan, and because of how popular it is, many manga directors have chosen to make shows about it.

These stories also help people who don’t know much about soccer learn more about it. Over the years, there have been a lot of anime that are based on Soccer. So, here are some of the best manga and anime about soccer, which is great for people who like the game.

Fans of manga and anime are crazy about soccer more than ever, so now is a great time to talk about some of the best soccer manga and anime. So, here is a list of some great anime about the most famous sport in the world.

Top 15+ Football/Soccer Anime To Watch Now | 2023

1. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Hungry heart: wild striker is a great anime series with many episodes for people who want to avoid watching an anime with hundreds of episodes. It’s about a new jyoyo orange high school student named kano kyosuke.

Kyosuke is kano seisuke’s younger brother. Kano seisuke is a well-known Soccer player who just went from japan to italy to play for a.C. Milan. Kyosuke has to deal with people comparing him to his bigger brother, so he needs to get back into the game and show how good he is in his way.

Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

2. Blue Lock

Blue lock is one of the best sports games that have come out in the past few years. The story is about isagi yoichi, the main character, who wants to be the best scorer japan has ever had. But after a heartbreaking loss in a neighborhood game, he doesn’t stand out on his school’s Soccer team.

Then, one day, isagi and 299 other forwards from all over japan are invited to a secret Soccer project called “Blue lock” to make the best striker in the world. Isagi works with these new strikers to reach the top of his favorite sport and fulfill his dream of making the japanese Soccer team. Locked in a dorm, this is where the fight to be the egoist starts.

Blue Lock

3. Be Blues! Ao Ni Nare

Be Blues! In the manga story Ao ni Nare, a boy named Ryuu Ichijou wants to play Soccer for Japan’s national team. Everything seems to be going well until Ryuu tries to stop a car from hitting his friend by standing in front of it.

Ryuu can’t play because of the injuries he gets, and he has to wait two years before he can start again. After what happened, Ryuu joins the high school Soccer team and gets better.

Be Blues! Ao Ni Nare

4. Aoashi

Ashito aoi plays Soccer better than anyone else in his small country town. His skill is the only thing that can help his home team win the first round of their soccer competition, but he loses his temper during the game and is taken out of the game as a result. Even though he got angry, he was asked to try out for a team in tokyo. Now he has to show how good he is among other star players.


5. Days

Days is a real gem, especially for people who like to criticize studio mappa shows. This Soccer cartoon from the studio is about two boys, tsukushi and jin, and their fights with each other. Tsukushi is a boy with no special skills, so no one pays much attention to him.

On the other hand, jin is considered a soccer genius capable of making it at the highest level. But little do they know that their destinies would be linked to each other as one stormy night, tsukushi meets jin, and they get dragged into the world of soccer.


6. Inazuma Eleven

This series tells the story of the Soccer club at raimon middle school. The club has been in trouble for a long time, so mamoru endou, the leader right now, is in charge of improving things. But he soon finds out that it won’t be accessible at all.

Mamoru quickly realizes that he can’t fix the club on his own. He comes across shuuya gouenji, a supremely talented soccer player no longer interested in playing. However, mamoru doesn’t give up, and he starts trying to get shuuya to join the club.

Inazuma Eleven

7. Whistle

Great people are born with a simple goal: to be the best at what they do. Shou kazamatsuri is one of these people. Shou leaves his old school to play Soccer at a high level at sakura jousui high. His goal is to become the best Soccer player he can be.

Shou plays better. He was too short and never got a game at his old school. He also pushes others to try their best. He shows everyone that giving up is never an option, and together they fight their way to the finals and their dreams.


8. Giant Killing

East tokyo united is a japanese Soccer team that inspired giant killing. The Soccer club needs help in the best league in the country. Even though the club is almost relegated, they do everything they can to get better. Finally, they decide to try again by bringing in a different teacher.

The new manager will have to do much to get the club back on track and compete with teams with much bigger budgets. On top of that, the club fans hate takeshi because of his past, which makes his job even harder.

Giant Killing

9. Captain Tsubasa

Captain tsubasa is a famous sports anime about an 11-year-old boy named tsubasa oozora, who is really into Soccer. He moves to nankatsu city to learn more, but now he’s surrounded by people who are better than him. Tsubasa’s journey was first made into a cartoon in 1983, based on a manga. In 2018, in honor of the fifa world cup, the series got a new start.

Captain Tsubasa

10. Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Farewell, my dear cramer is a comic sequel to sayonara Soccer, about how Soccer star nozomi onda had to play for the middle school boys’ Soccer team because her school didn’t have a girls’ team. Farewell, my dear cramer follows its main character, nozomi onda, to the girls’ Soccer team at warabi seinan high school, which she has chosen to join.

Sumire suou and midori soshizaki, who used to be rivals, have decided to work together on the same high school Soccer team. This show has a great ensemble cast. Each main character has goals, history, obstacles, and reasons for doing what they do. It’s also an excellent anime for soccer fans because it has a lot of nods to real teams, moves, strategies, and soccer history.

Farewell, My Dear Cramer

11. Clean Freak! Aoyama kun

Soccer is a pretty dirty sport, but aoyama, our big hero, is very clean. Everyone looks up to and respects him, but they can only look at him from afar because he is afraid of ghosts. Aoyama’s need to be clean always makes it hard to play physical sports like soccer, but he doesn’t stop.

As the Soccer team leader at fujimi high school, aoyama avoids physical contact at all costs and dribbles the ball to success. But fujimi’s team will have a challenging time getting to the nationals. But with striker kaoru zaizen, aoyama will show that even though he likes to keep things clean, there are some things he is willing to get dirty for.

Clean Freak! Aoyama kun

12. The Knight In The Area

Brothers Suguru and Kakeru both have a passion for soccer, but while Suguru is a star player, Kakeru is stuck in the shadows as his manager.. Kakeru is tired of being in the background and thinks he wants a shot at the World Cup. Nana, his best friend from youth, is also a top-ranked player on Japan’s women’s national team, which is good news for him.

The Knight In The Area

13. Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

You can go right with this great detective conan anime if you want to watch something that mixes sports and mystery. If you have yet to hear of detective conan, it’s about a skilled teen detective named shinichi kudo. Until someone tries to kill him and turns him back into a small kid, he has to sneak around and try to answer mysteries without getting caught.

Shinichi and his friends are at a j-league soccer game in the 16th anime. Everything is going well until someone makes a bomb threat. Shinichi has to stop the bad guy before it’s too late. Following a detective on his mysterious adventures is always fun, but adding a sports factor gives the subgenre a new lease on life.

Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

14. Sayonara Football

Sayonara soccer has a rating of 7 on myanimelist, which is high for a soccer series. Sayonara soccer is a famous manga about girls playing soccer and shows the issues women face in sports. Naoshi arakawa has written the comic.

It’s about a girl named nozomi onda who only wants to play soccer. But in professional matches, she has to face much stronger opponents than her. As the story goes on, nozomi feels better about herself and decides she won’t stop until she achieves her goals.

Sayonara Football

15. Blue Legend Shoot

In the 1990s, Shoot! was a famous football manga turned into an anime called Blue Legend Shoot! in 1994. In current anime, the story is still going on. In 2022, a new series called Shoot! Goal to the Future will add to the story. Blue Legend Shoot! is one of the older shows on this list, but if you love football, it’s a must-see.

It shows what happens when Toshiko Tanaka goes to the same school and joins the same team as his hero, Yoshiharu Kubo. But things go differently than he plans because Kubo gets sick, and first-year students aren’t allowed to play as regulars. Toshi starts to lose hope until he meets up with his best friends from childhood, and they start playing football together in high school.

Blue Legend Shoot

16. Victory Kickoff

In victory kickoff, a young boy, shou, who loves soccer but isn’t very good at it, struggles. Shou’s dream of playing football on a team is shattered when the manager eliminates the group.

Shou feels helpless, but he gets a big boost when he plays soccer against a skilled female soccer player. The match inspires shou, who plans to find more people to join the team. Shou’s mental strength is tested when he tries to find new players. As the story goes on, shou gets better at soccer, which helps him lead his team to victory.

Victory Kickoff

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