Complete List Of The Anime Confirmed So Far For 2024

The 2022 and 2023 anime seasons had incredible lineups and series, such as Cyberpunk Edgerunners, Bocchi the Rock, Chainsaw Man, Vinland Saga Season 2, and Oshi no Ko. 2024 will have its work set out for it. Anime such as Solo Levelling, Beastars: Final Season, and Kaiju No. 8 have already been verified for the upcoming year, suggesting that it will be exciting and memorable.

We’ve already received confirmations for highly anticipated titles such as “Solo leveling,” “Beastars: final season,” and “Kaiju no. 8,” which have fans buzzing with excitement. I only include confirmed, not rumored, anime in this article, so unless unexpected delays are announced, all these anime are expected to be released within the year. Likewise, if there are any delays, I will note them below. As new 2024 anime are announced, I’ll update this list, so be sure to bookmark this page or return for updates.

Now, let’s dive into the complete list of anime confirmed so far for 2024, and get ready for another year filled with captivating stories, stunning animation, and the limitless imagination of the anime world.

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2024 Anime Release Schedule

TBA 2024 Anime

These are all of the 2024 anime that have been confirmed but have yet to be given a season.

  • Kaiju no. 8 – 2024
  • Mission: yozakura family – 2024
  • Atri: my dear moments – 2024
  • Jellyfish can’t swim in the night – 2024
  • Moonrise – 2024
  • Acro trip – 2024
  • Highspeed etoile – 2024
  • Tales of wedding rings – 2024
  • Beastars: final season – 2024
  • Sound! Euphonium 3 – 2024
  • Isekai de mofumofu nadenade suru tame ni ganbattemasu – 2024
  • Mahoutsukai precure! 2 – 2024
  • Urusei yatsura season 2 – 2024
  • The weakest tamer began a journey to pick up trash – 2024
  • The wrong way to use healing magic – 2024

Anime Release Date Confirmed For Winter 2024 So Far!

These are all anime whose release dates have been confirmed for winter 2024.

  • Solo leveling – january 2024
  • Chained soldier – january 2024
  • Shaman king: flowers – january 2024
  • Metallic rouge – january 2024
  • Whisper me a love song – january 2024
  • Delicious in dungeon – january 2024
  • Kingdom season 5 – january 2024
  • The legend of super normal pref. Chiba – january 2024

Anime Release Date Confirmed For Spring 2024 So Far!

These are all anime whose release dates have been confirmed for spring 2024.

  • Quality assurance in another world – spring 2024
  • Bartender glass of god – april 2024
  • That time I got reincarnated as a slime season 3 – april 2024
  • The idolm@ster shiny colors – april 2024

Anime Release Date Confirmed For Summer 2024 So Far!

No anime have been confirmed for the summer 2024 anime season yet.

Anime Release Date Confirmed For Fall 2024 So Far!

No anime have been confirmed for the fall 2024 anime season yet.

Anime Movies 2024 Release Date Confirmed!

These are all of the anime movies that have been confirmed 2024 release so far!

Bloody escape: jigoku no tousou geki – april 2024 in japan
Bocchi the rock! Film – spring 2024 in japan

Solo Leveling

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Crunchyroll has announced that an anime version of solo leveling will be coming out soon. It was revealed at crunchyroll’s anime expo 2022 industry panel. A-1 pictures, which animated sword art online and kaguya-sama: love is war, is animating the series. Shunsuke nakashige (sword art online: alicization) is directing the series, and tomoko sudo (alice in borderland ova) is making the character designs. Hiroyuki sawano (attack on titan, kill la kill) is writing and creating the music for solo leveling.

The manhwa creator, dubu, said this about the planned anime version: “Solo leveling is finally getting its first anime outing. Just yesterday, we got the offer for the anime version. I feel so overwhelmed when I think the cartoon is being made. This is all thanks to the people who love and support solo leveling. I’m full of thanks.”

What Is Solo Leveling About?

Solo leveling is about the weakest hunter, jinwoo sung, who still goes on raids even though his family is getting deeper and deeper into debt. One day, his group gets into trouble when they run into a being with more power than anything he’s ever seen. While fighting for his life, the system gives him a surprising chance to become a “Player,” which gives him a whole new set of options.

What Is The Release Date For Solo Leveling?

The Solo Leveling anime was first said to come out in 2023, but it was later revealed that it would come out in January 2024.

Where To Watch Solo Leveling?

You can this anime on Crunchyroll.

Solo Leveling

Kaiju No. 8

Studio: Production I.G

An upcoming kaiju no. 8 anime is confirmed. Production I.G (haikyu!!, psycho-pass, moriarty the patriot) animated the series.

What Is Kaiju No. 8 About?

With the highest incidence of kaiju emergence in the world, japan is no stranger to deadly monster attacks. The japan defence force is a military organization entrusted with kaiju annihilation. Kafka hibino, a man who cleans up kaiju corpses, has always desired to enter the military and wants another chance to realize his childhood dream of eradicating kaiju. But how can he fight kaiju if he is abruptly transformed into one?

Kafka expects to one day fulfill his agreement with his childhood friend mina to enlist in the japan defence force. However, while she is out neutralizing kaiju as commander of the third division, kafka must clean up the aftermath of her battles. Due to a sudden change in eligibility requirements, kafka has one more opportunity to realize his ambition. The only issue is that he has abruptly transformed into a kaiju. And to make matters worse, he has been placed on the defence force’s neutralization list as kaiju no. 8.

What Is The Release Date For Kaiju No. 8?

Kaiju No. 8 is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Kaiju No. 8?


Kaiju No. 8

Mission: Yozakura Family

Studio: Silver Link.

There will be an upcoming mission: yozakura family anime. The show is animated by silver link, who also worked on non-non biyori nonstop and fate/kaleid liner prisma illya: vow in the snow. At jump festa 2023, it was first said that the manga would be made into an anime.

What Is Mission: Yozakura Family About?

Mission: yozakura family follows a high school student named taiyo asano, who is very shy. Mutsumi yozakura, his childhood friend, is the only person he can talk to. However, mutsumi comes from a long line of great spies with excellent abilities. Kyoichiro, her eldest brother, is obsessed with mutsumi and wants to kill anyone who comes close to her. Taiyo is next on his list. Taiyo can only escape kyoichiro’s evil grasp by getting married to mutsumi.

What Is The Release Date For Mission Yozakura Family?

Mission: Yozakura Family is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Mission Yozakura Family?


Mission Yozakura Family

Atri: My Dear Moments

Studio: Troyca

What Is Atri: My Dear Moments About?

Atri: my dear moments is adapted from the visual novel of the same name. In a world where rising sea levels have left much of humanity’s civilization submerged, a young boy and an enigmatic robot girl are about to experience an unforgettable summer in their gradually sinking town.

What Is The Release Date For Atri: My Dear Moments?

Atri: my dear moments is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Atri: My Dear Moments?


Atri My Dear Moments

Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night

Studio: Doga Kobo

What Is Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night About?

A strange thing happens to a young girl walking around shibuya at night. This changes her. This story about growing up was written by the director of eromanga sensei, ryohei takeshita, and the author of bottom-tier character tomozaki, yuuki yaku. Junichirou taniguchi (monthly girls’ nozaki-kun) is responsible for making the show’s characters.

What Is The Release Date For Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night?

Jellyfish can’t swim in the night is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Jellyfish Can’t Swim In The Night?


Jellyfish Can't Swim In The Night


Studio: Wit Studio

What Is Moonrise About?

In the original animation science fiction show moonrise, earth and the moon are at odds. Novelist and screenwriter tou ubukata wrote this fateful story and has character designs by hiromu arakawa (fullmetal alchemist). It shows how the lunar rebel forces challenge the peaceful people of earth. In 2024, moonrise will be available only on netflix.

What Is The Release Date For Moonrise?

Moonrise is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Moonrise?

You can watch this series on netflix.


Acro Trip

Studio: Voil

What Is Acro Trip About?

In a world where magical girls appear, Chizuko Date, a typical middle school student, falls in love with Berry Blossom, a local magical girl. Chizuko is so interested in Berry Blossom that she joins Fossa Magna, a lousy group led by Chroma, one of Berry Blossom’s enemies.

What Is The Release Date For Acro Trip?

Acro trip is airing in 2024

Where To Watch Acro Trip?


Acro Trip

Shaman King: Flowers

Studio: Bridge

What Is Shaman King: Flowers About?

This thrilling sequel to shaman king is about hana asakura, who finds out that being the child of yoh and anna asakura isn’t as interesting as it seems. When an unexpected problem comes up, the fight for control of asakura begins.

What Is The Release Date For Shaman King: Flowers?

Shaman king: flowers is airing in january 2024.

Where To Watch Shaman King: Flowers?


Shaman King Flowers

Metallic Rouge

Studio: Bones

What Is Metallic Rouge About?

Metallic rouge is a noir sci-fi anime in a world where people and androids live together. The story of an android named rouge is at the show’s center.

It is an original anime made by bones, who created mob psycho 100, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and bungo stray dogs, among other things, and yutaka izubuchi (star blazers: space battleship yamato 2199, mobile suit gundam 0080: war in the pocket). Toshihiro kawamoto (cowboy bebop) is making the characters, and toshizou nemoto (steins; gate, space brothers) is writing the story.

What Is The Release Date For  Metallic Rouge Release Date?

Metallic rouge is airing in january 2024.

Where To Watch Metallic Rouge?



Metallic Rouge

Tales Of Wedding Rings

Studio: Staple Entertainment

What Is Tales Of Wedding Rings About?

Satou and Hime have been best friends for as long as he can remember. So when she tells him she is returning to her home world to get married, his first thought is to follow her and crash her wedding.

Everything goes as planned, and Hime kisses Satou to make him the new groom. But Satou doesn’t know that the man who marries Hime will become a powerful hero who will save the world. Is Satou up to the task, or is this too much for a high school student to take on?

What Is The Release Date For Tales Of Wedding Rings?

Tales of wedding rings is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Tales Of Wedding Rings?


Tales Of Wedding ring

Whisper Me a Love Song

Studio: cloud hearts, yokohama animation lab

What Is Whisper Me A Love Song About?

Himari, a lively student in high school, is in love with her senpai Yori after hearing her band play. As their feelings for each other grow, Himari starts to wonder what love is all about.

What Is The Release Date For Whisper Me A Love Song?

Whisper me a love song is airing in january 2024.

Where To Watch Whisper Me A Love Song?


Whisper Me A Love Song

Quality Assurance in Another World

Studio: 100studio, studio palette

What Is Quality Assurance In Another World About?

When dragons attack her town, nikola meets haga, a scholar in a prestigious group called “Seeker.” as they work together to solve the problems in their world, their hidden secrets will change each other’s lives in surprising ways.

What Is The Release Date For Quality Assurance In Another World?

Quality assurance in another world is airing in spring 2024.

Where To Watch Quality Assurance In Another World?


Quality Assurance In Another

Highspeed Etoile

Studio: TBA

What Is Highspeed Etoile About?

In highspeed etoile, rin rindou debuted in the “Nex race,” a high-tech race where drivers can hit speeds of over 500km/h. The story is set in the future. Once everyone knows how good she is, racing will never be the same again.

What Is The Release Date For “Quality Assurance In Another World”?

Highspeed etoile is airing in 2024.

Where To Watch Quality Assurance In Another World”?


Highspeed Etoile

Bartender Glass Of God

Studio: Liber

What Is Bartender Glass Of God About?

The book by araki joh and kenji nagatomo with the same name will be turned into an anime called barman glass of god. It will air in april 2024. Liber, who drew the ice guy and his cool female colleague, is in charge of making the show. Ryoichi kuraya (farming life in another world) is in order of the show, and youichi ueda, who worked on gangsta, is designing the characters. In the series, ryu sasakura is a clever barman who works at eden hall, and the people he serves are the main characters.

What Is The Release Date For “Bartender Glass Of God“?

Bartender glass of god is airing in april 2024.

Where To Watch Bartender Glass Of God“?


Bartender Glass Of God

These are all of the 2024 anime that have been confirmed so far. We will continue to update this post as more are announced, so stay tuned!

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