Is Bhediya Movie Hit Or Flop? A Critical Analysis, On Its Budget & Box Office Collection!

In the vast realm of Indian cinema, few genres captivate audiences quite like the amalgamation of horror and comedy. The 2022 Indian Hindi-language film, Bhediya (transl. Wolf), directed by Amar Kaushik and produced by Dinesh Vijan, successfully ventured into this realm as the third installment in Vijan’s horror-comedy universe. Starring the dynamic duo of Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, Bhediya aimed to thrill and entertain audiences with its unique blend of humor and spine-tingling horror.

Released on 25th November 2022, Bhediya quickly made waves within the industry, garnering attention and sparking discussions among movie enthusiasts. With its captivating storyline and notable performances, the film managed to capture the attention of critics and viewers alike.

One of the standout aspects of Bhediya was its impressive visual effects, which added depth and intensity to the storytelling. The seamless integration of these effects brought the supernatural elements of the narrative to life, further enhancing the movie’s appeal.

Moreover, Bhediya received considerable praise for its well-crafted humor and clever dialogues. The film garnered an impressive 13 nominations at the prestigious 68th Filmfare Awards, including categories such as Best Film (Critics), Best Actor (Critics), and Best Special Effects. This recognition further solidified the film’s impact and demonstrated its significance within the industry.

Given the success and positive reception of Bhediya, it comes as no surprise that a sequel, titled Bhediya 2, is currently in development. Fans and enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate the continuation of this thrilling universe, as Bhediya 2 is expected to hit the screens in 2025.

In this article, we delve deeper into the reception and impact of Bhediya, exploring the reasons behind its success, analyzing its strengths, and ultimately examining whether this film can be deemed a hit or a flop.

Bhediya Movie Budget

The highly anticipated film “Bhediya” has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, backed by a substantial overall budget of Rs 60 Crores. The production budget alone accounted for an impressive Rs 50 Crores, ensuring a visually captivating and immersive experience for audiences. Additionally, Rs 10 Crores were allocated towards prints and advertising costs, ensuring the film’s widespread promotion and reaching out to eager viewers across the nation.

Is Bhediya Movie Hit Or Flop?

Is Bhediya Movie Hit Or Flop?

The box office performance of the movie Bhediya has been a subject of analysis and discussion. With a lifetime collection of Rs. 66.65 crore nett in India and a budget of Rs. 60 crore, then Bhediya is not a big hit at the box office.

In order to be considered a theatrical success, Bhediya would need to surpass the 90 crore mark at the box office. Despite falling short of this target, the film managed to collect ₹89.97 crores (US$11 million) against its budget of ₹60 crores (US$7.33 million). Critics have generally given positive reviews for Bhediya, adding to the anticipation and expectation of a better box office performance, as expressed by Varun Dhawan himself.

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India Box Office Collection Summary

Day Collection Amount
Opening Day 7.48 Crore
End of Opening Weekend 28.55 Crores
End of Week 1 42.05 Crore
End of Week 2 54.90 Crore
End of Week 3 62.33 Crore
Total Collection 62.33 Crore

Bhediya Box Office Collection Day Wise (India Net) Report.:-

Day 1 7.48 Crore
Day 2 9.57 Crore
Day 3 11.50 Crore
Day 4 3.85 Crore
Day 5 3.45 Crore
Day 6 3.2 Crore
Day 7 3 Crore
Day 8 1.95 Crore
Day 9 3.70 Crore
Day 10 4.36 Crore
Day 11 1.1 Crore
Day 12 1 Crore
Day 13 0.9 Crore
Day 14 0.8 Crore
Day 15 0.95 Crore
Day 16 1.8 Crore
Day 17 2.07 Crore
Day 18 0.73 Crore
Day 19 0.7 Crore
Day 20 0.63 Crore
Day 21 0.55 Crore
Total: 66.65 Crores

Worldwide Box Office Collection (Gross):-

India box office Nett:- 66.65 Crore
India box office Gross:- 74.2 Crore
Overseas Gross:- 10.62 Crore
Worldwide Collections Gross Total: 84.82 Crore

Screen count:

India: – 2500 Crores
Overseas: – 500 Crores
Worldwide total: – 3000 Crores

Bhediya Movie Audience Review

The reviews for the movie Bhediya from the audience are a mix of positive and negative opinions. Here are some of the reviews:

Positive reviews:

  1. Audiences find the movie amusing and humorous and are captivated throughout the entire story. Despite the low budget, the visual effects are excellent.
  2. Bhediya stands out due to its unique concept, memorable performances, captivating climax, and impressive visual effects.

Negative reviews:

  1. This film is characterized by bloated scenes, poor transitions, and a lack of focus in the story. It feels unfinished, more like a brainstorming session than a completed piece. The excessive narrative padding attempts to conceal a simple fact: Bhediya lacks substance.
  2. The movie fails to deliver on both the scare factor and consistent humor.
  3. The entry scenes of Bhaskar and Janardan are decent, but the film truly sets the mood when the wolf attacks Bhaskar.

How Did Bhediya Perform Compared To Other Varun Dhawan Movies?

Varun Dhawan, a prominent Bollywood actor, has garnered considerable success in his film career. As of 2022, he has appeared in a total of 16 movies, amassing an impressive box office collection of Rs. 839.41 Crores. Among his notable works, several films stand out for their remarkable commercial success.

Dilwale stands as one of his highest-grossing movies, earning Rs. 148.72 Crores, followed closely by Judwaa 2 with Rs. 137.81 Crores, and Badrinath Ki Dulhania with Rs. 116.60 Crores. However, not all of Varun Dhawan’s films have achieved similar triumphs at the box office. Movies like Street Dancer 3D (Rs. 68.30 Crores), Kalank (Rs. 80.03 Crores), and Bhediya (Rs. 64.10 Crores) did not perform as well commercially.

Despite this, Varun Dhawan has demonstrated versatility in his career by taking on both mainstream masala flicks and unconventional projects. In a recent conversation, he expressed his contentment with the audience’s response to Bhediya, highlighting the challenges faced by Hindi films in 2022 and the significance of people going to theaters to support them. He added, “It has been such a strange year, [with films] trying to get people back …”

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