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Anime, a captivating medium that has transcended borders and captivated the hearts of fans worldwide. From its humble beginnings to becoming a billion-dollar industry, anime has truly become japan’s most influential cultural export. With the advent of streaming platforms and network distribution, this remarkable art form has reached every corner of the globe, enchanting audiences of all ages.

In this dynamic industry, anime series are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling to stay relevant. Newer titles have emerged, surpassing even the classics that were once at the top. Today, we present to you a handpicked list of the “Top 10 highest grossing anime of all time.” these series have not only achieved remarkable financial success but have also made a lasting impact on global pop culture.

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the anime series that have conquered the global market. From breaking box office records to creating merchandise empires, these exceptional creations have left an indelible mark on the world of anime. Get ready to discover the innovation, creativity, and captivating narratives that await you in the realm of the “Top 10 highest grossing anime of all time.”

Top 10 Highest Grossing Anime Series Of All Time 

Top 10 Highest Grossing Anime Series Of All Time 

1 Pokémon Approximately $100 Billion
2 Anpanman Approximately $45 Billion
3 Hello Kitty Approximately $18.2 Billion
4 Dragon Ball Approximately $17 Billion
5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Approximately $16 Billion
6 Fist of the North Star Approximately $15 Billion
7 Sailor Moon Approximately $13 Billion
8 Neon Genesis Evangelion Approximately $12 Billion
9 One Piece Approximately $12 Billion
10 Pretty Cure Approximately $9 Billion

1. Pokémon (Total Revenue: Approximately $100 Billion)

Not surprisingly, pokémon is the anime series that has made the most money. In 2019, the pokémon company quit saying how much each pokémon was worth. Around $71 billion was thought to be the value of pokémon at the time. The overall net worth was estimated to have grown to over $100 billion by 2022.

Even though pok√©mon anime, trading card games, and video games are all very profitable, licensed merchandise is the company’s primary source of income. Sales of licensed pok√©mon items like toys and books usually do better than sales of pok√©mon anime, manga, cards, and video games.


2. Anpanman (Total Revenue: Approximately $45 Billion)

Most people who don’t live in japan have probably never heard of anpanman, but it’s a famous kids’ anime show in japan. Anpanman is a story about a hero whose face is made of a traditional japanese sweet called “Pan,” a cake filled with red bean paste. This hero saves the world from the germ of baikinman.

Anyone who has kids knows how much a child will work at something they love. Not surprisingly, almost all of anpanman’s money came from selling things for kids based on the character. Nearly $14 billion of anpanman’s earnings come from sales of tickets to the yokohama anpanman children’s museum.


3. Hello Kitty (Total Revenue: Approximately $18.2 Billion)

Hello, Kitty is more of a marketing tool than an anime figure to most people. Unsurprisingly, goods sales bring in most (if not all) of Hello Kitty’s money. You could even say that Hello Kitty’s many anime, which are often ignored, are just ads for licensed products and clothes.

In 2014, it was estimated that Hello Kitty could make $8 billion a year, which gave this idea more weight. Since then, this estimated amount has gone up. Hello, Kitty’s anime and movies may not be cash cows, but anime was never this Series priority.

Hello Kitty

4. Dragon Ball (Total Revenue: Approximately $17 Billion)

Dragon ball is one of the best-known and most famous anime shows ever. It started in the 1980s and is going strong even now. Dragon ball is a famous shonen story that follows son goku from when he was a child to when he was an adult. The series name comes from the mysterious dragon balls, which, when all seven are found, can make dreams come true.

Much of dragon ball’s money comes from selling video games and other products. Dragon ball is one of the highest-grossing anime of all time, and its latest hit films have helped to cement that. Dragon ball has plans for even more releases in the future, which shows that it has no plans to stop.

Dragon ball

5. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Total Revenue: Approximately $16 Billion)

The fact that yu-gi-oh! Is about a card game gives it an edge over other anime series, and this is where it shines. The anime is about yugi muto trying to become a famous card player, but its primary focus differs. The anime could be seen as a commercial for the card game it is about.

Yu-gi-oh!’s ads worked. Yu-gi-oh! Cards alone have brought in more than $11 billion, making them the brand’s most important and profitable part. That doesn’t mean that yu-gi-oh! Even though anime and movies don’t make much money, they don’t make as little as cards.


6. First Of The North Star (Total Revenue: Approximately $15 Billion)

Fist of the north star was a groundbreaking series that started in the 1980s and helped anime get a foothold outside japan. The story takes place in a world after the end of the world. It is about kenshiro, a deadly martial artist who journeys to protect innocent people from bad guys.

First of the north star is an old property that still makes money. Most of the money made from the anime comes from pachinko machines, which brought in $14 billion. Even though fist of the north star anime is only sometimes made, when it is, it still makes a good amount of money.

First Of The North Star

7. Sailor Moon (Total Revenue: Approximately $13 Billion)

Sailor moon is about how usagi tsukino, the magical girl with the same name, fights to protect earth. More importantly, sailor moon was a significant step forward for anime. It was one of the first shojo anime blockbusters to break into a field controlled by men, and it became one of the most popular anime of all time.

Since it first aired in 1992, sailor moon has been known as the best shojo and magical girl anime. Since the main anime for sailor moon stopped years ago, most of its money now comes from selling merchandise. That doesn’t mean sailor moon’s anime is over, though, since movies and more are still coming out.

Sailor Moon

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion (Total Revenue: Approximately $12 Billion)

Neon genesis evangelion had the clever idea to show the bad parts of being in charge of a giant robot. The anime brought seriousness to the mecha genre that had never been seen before. It was about kids who had to use their evangelions to fight monsters. Because of this, evangelion was called one of the best anime ever made.

Even though evangelion is still popular and has a profitable line of licensed products, most of its money comes from pachinko machines. Evangelion’s pachinko sales brought in almost $9 billion altogether. Also, it’s essential to know that evangelion makes a lot of money from the rights of its famous music.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

9. One Piece (Total Revenue: Approximately $12 Billion)

One piece is one of the longest-running anime shows, with over 1,000 episodes. The anime was partly famous because it had many loyal fans and a story that never seemed to end. In the anime, monkey d. Luffy and his group are trying to find the one piece treasure so that luffy can become the king of pirates.

Since the first episode of one piece aired in 1999, it has retained viewers and money. Even though anime and movies are massive hits, one piece makes the most money from selling merchandise and computer games. Even though the last part of one piece is coming up, it is expected to make even more money.

One Piece

10. Pretty Cure (Total Revenue: Approximately $9 Billion)

Pretty cure may not be a well-known name outside of japan, but it is one of that country’s most popular anime series. Even though it came out in 2004, a long time after the magical girl craze died down, pretty cure was a hit immediately. After that, pretty cure became the most popular magical girl show of the 2000s.

Most of pretty cure’s money comes from sales of goods. Sales alone brought in almost $9 billion for pretty cure. Part of pretty cure’s popularity and success is that it is easy to listen to. Each new pretty cure anime is made for a different age group. This will make sure that pretty cure is always helpful.

Pretty Cure

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