Kingdom Chapter 791 Release Date: When can we read the new chapter of Manga Series?

Kingdom was originally a manga series that was turned into an anime show without losing any of its charm. The manga has kept and even grown its appeal, as shown by how popular it is still, especially since the release of its most recent chapter, chapter 791.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about the world of the Kingdom and what will happen in future chapters. You can also read about the current events in chapter 791.

But it’s important to know that this piece has spoilers, so if you don’t like them, take this as your warning before reading on. Let’s jump in and look around the interesting world of the Kingdom!

Kingdom Chapter 791

When will Kingdom Chapter 791 come out?

According to KingdomFandom, Kingdom Chapter 791 will come out on March 21, 2024.

What does Kingdom Manga’s story entail?

Kingdom is a manga story from Japan that was written and drawn by Yasuhisa Hara. During the Warring States time in ancient China, the story takes place. It is about a young boy named Xin who grows up as a war orphan and becomes a great general.

The show is known for how well it portrays history, military tactics, and character growth. Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump has been publishing manga in parts since January 2006.

Kingdom Chapter 791

As of February 2024, there were 71 tankōbon volumes. The story has also been turned into a live-action movie, an anime TV show with four seasons, and two live-action movie versions.

Plot of Kingdom Chapter 791

We don’t know what will happen in Kingdom Chapter 791 yet. When the next part comes out on March 21, 2024, you’ll be able to read about changes to the story.

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Kingdom Manga Cast and Characters

In the manga “Kingdom,” the story is centered on several key characters. These are some of the important characters:

Kingdom Chapter 791

  • Shin (Xin) is a child from war who wants to be the best general in the universe.
  • Sei is another important person who helped bring China together during the Warring States time.
  • Kyoukai is a character that is important to the story.
  • Ten: Another important person in the story.

People in this story are very important and help make the story more interesting and the plot moves forward.

Where can we read the Kingdom Manga series?

Kingdom Chapter 791

To read the manga series “Kingdom,” you can visit various online platforms and retailers. Some options include:

  • Barnes & Noble: They offer a wide selection of manga series, including “Kingdom,” in both physical and digital formats.
  • Amazon: You can find “Kingdom” in their extensive manga section, which includes both eBooks and physical books.
  • ComiXology Unlimited: This platform offers a subscription service for access to a wide range of manga and comics, including “Kingdom.”
  • Amazon Kindle: You can purchase and download “Kingdom” as an eBook for reading on your Kindle device.

These platforms provide a variety of options for accessing the “Kingdom” manga series, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your preferences.

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