One Piece: What Does Ace’s Tattoo “ASCE” Mean? Revealed Here!

Portuguese D. Ace is one of the most well-known characters from One Piece. Ace was like Luffy’s real brother, who was close to him. He was the one who raised Luffy and helped him become the man he is now. Ace had less screen time than most other characters but it was still noticeable.

He was also a famous pirate with the Whitebeards. Sadly, Ace died during the terrible Paramount War. While trying to protect Luffy from him, Ace got a fatal blow from Akainu. People thought this was one of the saddest parts of the One Piece story. Even though Ace’s presence may have concluded within the show, the fascination surrounding his character continues to captivate fans.

Many have been curious about the meaning behind the distinctive “ASCE” tattoo adorning Ace’s arm, a symbol that holds significant significance within the One Piece universe. In this article, we delve into the mystery behind Ace’s tattoo and unveil its true meaning.


Who Was Ace?

Portgas D. Ace, also known as Gol D. Ace, was an important character in the popular anime and manga series, One Piece. He was the adoptive older brother of Monkey D. Luffy and Sabo. Ace’s parents were the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and Portgas D. Rouge. After Roger’s execution, Ace was taken care of by Monkey D. Garp as per Roger’s request.

He became the Second Division leader of the Whitebeard Pirates and Edward Newgate’s favorite. Ace briefly met Luffy during the Arabasta Arc. Ace defended the Strawhat Pirates from Marine Officer Smoker. Ace challenged Blackbeard to avenge the death of a crewmate and betrayal. Blackbeard captured him. Ace, sold to the World Government, was executed for his paternal ties to Gol D. Roger.

The Whitebeard Pirates fought the Marines and Seven Warlords in the Paramount War after Ace’s execution. Whitebeard and his men perished—Ace, temporarily freed, died on the battlefield to protect Luffy from Akainu. Ace’s death shook One Piece fans. This sad occasion also prompted Luffy and his friends to take two years to train and prepare for the New World. Ace was a promising pirate. Despite his youth, he was a notable Whitebeard Pirate and New World pirate.

Portuguese D. Ace was called “Fire Fist” due to his Flame-Flame Fruit powers. He transformed into flames and unleashed intense fire assaults with the rare Logia-class Devil Fruit. Ace, Roger’s kid, was born with Conqueror’s Haki and the Will of D. Ace’s Logia-class Devil Fruit, and unusual features made him a future threat to the World Government.

Who Was Ace

Ace Tattoo And The Theories About What It Means

Ace’s tattoos were one of the things that made him stand out. On his back was the Whitebeard Pirates’ sign, a cross of purple bones behind a purple skull with a white mustache. Ace himself said that he was very proud of this tattoo.

On Ace’s upper left arm, he had another tattoo that said “ASCE” in vertical letters. Fans of One Piece have always been interested in what it means. Because of this, they came up with different ideas.

Some think this tattoo is an abbreviation, and each letter stands for something. “A” stands for Ace, “S” for Sabo, and “C” for “crybaby” (which stands for Luffy). “E” is for Edward Newgate, who Ace thought of as his father and to whom he owed everything.

But this assumption could be more reasonable. The author of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, probably writes in Japanese, but the word “crybaby,” which is supposed to stand for the letter “C” in the tattoo, is from English. Also, Ace had this tattoo long before he met the Whitebeard Pirates, so the “E” couldn’t be for Edward Newgate. Even though this idea is wrong, One Piece fans have started to believe it.

Another popular idea was that the tattoo was a joke from the author, who wanted it to look like the tattoo artist misspelled Ace’s name and tried to fix it sloppily. Given how relaxed Ace is, the idea didn’t seem too wild. But the truth was something else.

Ace Tattoo And The Theories About What It Means

What Is The Real Meaning Of Ace Tattoo ‘ASCE’?

One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, the fourth data book in the series, already told us what the “ASCE” writing meant. The tattoo was just Ace’s name with an “S” for Sabo, his best friend since they were kids. Sabo’s name started with an “S,” also the main feature of his jolly roger, a capital “S” over two crossed bones. Ace and Luffy crossed out the “S” because they thought Sabo was dead.

It wasn’t until the Dressrosa Arc that it was shown that Sabo was still living. Sabo was about to die because a World Noble had smashed his boat. Monkey D. Dragon saved him, later getting him to join the Revolutionary Army and teaching him to be his right-hand man. After returning his memory, Sabo met up with Luffy again and chose to carry on Ace’s legacy by eating the Flame-Flame Fruit, which Ace used to have.

What Is The Real Meaning Of Ace Tattoo ‘ASCE’

Why Ace Don’t Wear Shirts?

Ace’s clothes show some pretty interesting things about who he is. He wore some of the most exciting garments in the series, from his famous hat to his red bead necklace. His naked look is what people remember most about him.

Ace used to wear an open shirt, but that changed when he got a tattoo of Whitebeard on his back. We can assume that he stopped wearing shirts after getting the tattoo to show respect for Whitebeard’s jolly Roger and let people know he was a member of the Whitebeard pirates.

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