Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Winner: Akhil Marar receives Rs 50 Lakhs and a brand new automobile

Finally, the long-awaited outcome is Akhil Marar, the show’s director and current Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 winner. The challenger outperformed the prisoner Reneesha Rahiman and took home the prize.

Superstar host Mohanlal and renowned TV personality K Madhavan presented the award to the winner in the grand finale. He also received a brand-new automobile and Rs 50 Lakhs in prize money.

Who is Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 Winner?

According to Economic Times, On the exciting Bigg Boss Malayalam 5 finale saw director Akhil Marar declare victory over fellow competitor Reneesha Rahman. Akhil won the championship and the grand prize of Rs 50 Lakhs because of his outstanding play throughout the season.

Reneesha, star of Seetha Kalyanam, made it to second place, demonstrating her incredible growth throughout the competition. The season’s top five finalists fought tooth and nail to win the championship.

The elimination of Shiju AR from the grand finale came first, and Sobha, who placed fourth, was next to go. Junaiz’s fall from second place to third ratcheted up the competition, which ultimately benefited Reneesha.

Who is Akhil Marar?

Director Akhil Marar focuses primarily on Malayalam films. He turned 34 recently; he was born on September 7, 1988. Akhil is Rajelakshmi Akhil’s husband and the son of Rajendran Pillai and Ammini Amma. Parkirthi and Prarthana are the couple’s two daughters.

Akhil attended both SVMMHSS in Vender and CF High in Kottayam. Later, he attended Fatima Mata College in Kollam and earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Full Name Akhil Marar
Birth Place Kottarakkara, Kollam district, Kerala
Date Of Birth 7 September 1988
Age 34 years
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight N/A
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Qualifications Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Mathematics
Father Rajendran Pillai
Mother Amminiyamma
Wife Rajalekshmi
Daughters Prakirthi, Prarthana
Profession Indian film writer and director

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 featured Akhil

Bigg Boss contestant Akhil Marar has been a standout from the moment he entered the house on Day 1. Akhil gained a substantial following during the show and has now crossed the 100,000 mark on Instagram. We can safely argue that Akhil was the show’s most deserving winner.


Akhil Marar Family

On September 7, 1988, Akhil was born to parents Rajendran Pillai and Amminiyamma. The director grew up in a modest home because his family struggled financially.

Akhil Marar Marital Status

Akhil had a romance with a girl two years his junior in college. Even though she was from a different caste, Akhil decided to move through with the relationship. He started working for an American firm about that time.

Akhil and his girlfriend broke up a year later due to a disagreement. Akhil and Rajalekshmi tied the knot in 2015. Prakirthi and Prarthana, two beautiful daughters, are on the way!


Akhil Marar Education

Akhil received his education at CF High School, Kottayam, and S.V.M.M.H.S.S. Vendar. His academic abilities were formerly strong, and he was the school’s best student in the tenth grade. Akhil attended Fathima Matha College in Kollam after completing Plus Two.

Akhil Marar Controversies

In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic in July 2021, Akhil lashed out at the administration, declaring that the government is a more significant threat than the Coronavirus. He was very critical of the government for enforcing such stringent measures after the pandemic ended.

According to Akhil, a part of the society comprising government personnel and IT employees was having a comfortable life. However, fines for breaking the tight standards have once again weighed heavily on the shoulders of the impoverished. Akhil warned that the poor would starve to death if they didn’t speak up around the end of the book.

Akhil Marar

At one point during his time in the Bigg Boss house, Akhil compared one of the other competitors to Madhu, a tribal killed by a mob for stealing food. Actor and show host Mohanlal afterwards commented on how insulting it was of Akhil to make such a remark. In another incident, Akhil’s admission that he had abused his wife caused a scandal.

The Professional Life of Akhil Marar

Akhil joined an American firm after finishing his degree. The director eventually quit because he didn’t feel like he was getting the credit he deserved. Since Akhil already had expertise in the film industry as a writer and director, he had no other choice. Later, he took his original screenplay to Chennai.

At the time, Akhil was the proprietor of the juice bar ‘Alchemist’ and a tutor. Despite his entrepreneurial efforts, he could only find moderate success with his mango firm. When Dr Biju’s 2015 film ‘Perariyathavar’ came around, Akhil jumped to work on it as an assistant director.

Akhil Marar

With the release of 2021’s “Oru Thathwika Avalokanam,” Akhil branched out as a filmmaker and screenwriter. Shammi Thilakan, Aju Varghese, and Joju George starred as the main characters.

Akhil was among 18 participants on the March 26, 2023, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 5 premiere on Asianet. After the 100-day tournament, Akhil was named the victor and awarded a cash prize of Rs.50 lakhs.

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Net Worth of Akhil Marar

Akhil’s primary means of subsistence is his work as a screenwriter and director. As to sources, his net worth is Rs. 20 lakhs.

Additional Information About Akhil Marar

  • Since Day 17 in the Bigg Boss house, Akhil has bled profusely every time he has emptied his bowels. His weight loss accelerated to the point where he needed hospitalization. The physicians diagnosed Akhil with piles, but he was worried it was colon cancer.
  • Once outside the Bigg Boss house, Akhil claimed he had never faced a formidable opponent.

Reward for Bigg Boss in Malayalam Season 5 Winner

In addition to the trophy and a new car, Akhil won the fifth season and the accompanying Rs—50 lakh in prize money. Since Akhil Marar consistently outperformed the competition, his supporters were convinced he would win the season.

Akhil Marar

The Staggering Revelation of Akhil Marar

When I left office, I learned that other forces, including at the ministerial level, had intervened to prevent my win. I can’t say who is involved, although some of my close pals have dropped hints.

As Akhil explained, some tried to sabotage his progress by communicating with the channel from outside the system. According to Akhil Marar, the minister’s action was not inspired by enmity against him.

He elaborates that he did it because he cared about the other competitors. When Akhil plays against someone, he thinks that while nobody is actively rooting for his opponent to lose, some people may have a liking for them and hence cheer for their success.

He says the people’s overwhelming backing ultimately led to his achievement despite the intervention.

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