Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant: Aryan Khan Drug Case Lawyer Biography!

Sana Raees Khan is an eminent lawyer who has carved a niche for herself in the legal fraternity with her sharp intellect, unwavering determination, and unwavering commitment to justice. She is a role model for aspiring lawyers, particularly women, who seek to make a mark in this demanding profession.

Sana Raees Khan entered bigg boss season 17, One contestant that has caught everyone’s attention is Sana Raees Khan. Many might recall the Aryan Khan drug case from 2021, which made headlines. Sana Raees Khan was one of the lawyers associated with this case. According to reports from Times Of India, she represented Avin Sahu, one of the co-accused who was granted bail in the Mumbai cruise drug case. Sana argued in court that both Avin Sahu and Aryan Khan were not in possession of drugs and highlighted specific differences in their cases.

Sana Raees Khan is not just known for her professional achievements but also has a significant social media presence. With over 47k followers on Instagram, her profile describes her as an “Advocate High Court & Supreme Court.” She actively shares updates related to her cases on her social media platforms. Interestingly, this is the first time a lawyer is stepping into the Bigg Boss house as a contestant.

Sana Raees Khan Bigg Boss 17 Contestant

Brief Bio:

Category Information
Name Sana Raees Khan
Profession Lawyer
Place of Birth Mumbai, India
Education Government Law College, Mumbai
Areas of Expertise Criminal law, civil law, constitutional law
Notable Cases Representation of Aryan Khan in a drug-related case
Awards and Recognition Forbes India’s “30 Under 30” list, Indian Law Society’s “Young Achiever Award”
Personal Life Devoted wife and mother, active in social initiatives
Legacy Role model for aspiring lawyers, particularly women
Social Instagram

Early Life and Education

Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sana Raees Khan was instilled with a strong sense of justice and a passion for advocacy from a young age. Her father, a respected lawyer himself, served as an inspiration, and she was determined to follow in his footsteps.

After completing her schooling, Sana Raees Khan pursued her legal education at the prestigious Government Law College, Mumbai. She excelled in her studies, demonstrating a keen understanding of legal principles and a remarkable ability to articulate complex arguments.

Legal Career

Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant

Upon completing her law degree, Sana Raees Khan embarked on her legal career with unwavering zeal. She joined the chambers of a renowned senior advocate, where she gained invaluable experience and honed her litigation skills.

Her sharp legal acumen, coupled with her dedication and perseverance, quickly earned her recognition within the legal fraternity. She established her own practice, Sana Raees Khan & Associates, which has grown into a prominent law firm known for its expertise in criminal law, civil law, and constitutional law.

Notable Cases – Aryan Khan Drug Case

Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant

Sana Raees Khan has handled a wide range of cases throughout her illustrious career, many of which have garnered significant public attention. She has fearlessly represented clients from diverse backgrounds, including high-profile personalities, corporate entities, and individuals from marginalized communities.

One of her most notable cases involved the representation of Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, in a drug-related case. Her meticulous preparation, persuasive arguments, and unwavering belief in her client’s innocence played a crucial role in securing bail for Aryan Khan.

Awards and Recognition

Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant

Sana Raees Khan’s exceptional legal expertise and unwavering commitment to justice have earned her numerous accolades and recognition. She has been featured in various prestigious publications, including Forbes India’s list of “30 Under 30” achievers.

Her contributions to the legal field have been acknowledged by various organizations, and she has been honored with awards such as the “Young Achiever Award” by the Indian Law Society.

Personal Life

Sana Raees Khan BB 17 Contestant

Despite her demanding professional commitments, Sana Raees Khan maintains a balanced personal life. She is a devoted wife and mother, and her family serves as a constant source of support and inspiration.

She is also an active member of her community, participating in various social initiatives and advocating for causes close to her heart. Her philanthropic endeavors reflect her deep empathy and commitment to social justice.


Sana Raees Khan stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring lawyers, particularly women, who seek to make a difference in the world. Her unwavering commitment to justice, her exceptional legal acumen, and her unwavering belief in the power of advocacy have made her a force to be reckoned with in the legal arena.

She is a true embodiment of the ideals of the legal profession, and her contributions to the pursuit of justice are invaluable. Her legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations of lawyers to come.

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