Who Is Kamie Crawford Boyfriend? Is She Single After Her Split With Gordon Dillard?

Kamie Crawford has made a name for herself as a model, TV host, and content creator in the entertainment business. Max Joseph quit the MTV show “Catfish,” and she took over as a guest host. The crowd liked Kamie as a co-host because she was honest, had good sense, could spot warning signs, and would “call a spade a spade” situation.

Kamie Crawford also became famous when she won Miss Teen USA 2010. The Miss Photogenic Award was also given to her. That is still true today: Kamie stands out from the crowd because she is honest and funny.

Because Kamie Crawford is well-known in her field, more and more people want to know about her personal life. Kamie Crawford and Gordon Dillard looked so deeply in love with each other during their relationship. However, the romance wasn’t meant to be and they split in 2022. Now her fans want to know Who is kamie crawford boyfriend? Is she single after her split with gordon dillard?

Kamie Crawford

Who Is Kamie Crawford Boyfriend?

According to intouchweekly,  Kamie Crawford does not have a boyfriend. The  former Miss Teen USA is single after her breakup with Gordon.

Why Did Kamie Crawford And Gordon Dillard Break Up?

Kamie and Gordon allegedly broke up in early 2022 because some things are just not meant to be. When the model broke up with Gordon, she talked about how hard it was on the show “Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram” in February of that year. She said:

“This breakup was the hardest — I think it was probably the second hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in my entire life,” Kamie admitted while appearing on a February 2022 episode of “Lovers and Friends with Shan Boodram” podcast. “I legit thought that I was going to have to be hospitalized. I was losing my mind.”

She said they were still in love, but the MTV star hinted that they might have accepted that they needed to break up. Kamie then said they had both changed over the years and their relationship had also changed. She told me,

We both agreed that we had a power shift in our relationship.

Why Did Kamie Crawford And Gordon Dillard Break Up

How Long Did Kamie Crawford And Gordon Dillard Date?

Kamie and Gordon started dating in 2016, and on social media, they often posted little bits about their relationship. That she and the music manager were “still going strong” was something she said in a private conversation.

We’ve been together for almost four years,” she said at the time. “And we’ve been having more conversations about like the future about rings, about weddings, about home buying. And like, it’s finally like the distractions are gone and we just have real life conversations, which is nice.”

How Long Did Kamie Crawford And Gordon Dillard Date

Who Is Gordon Dillard?

Gordon manages bands. He has worked with many famous clients, including Doja Cat. Variety reports that he became executive vice president of A&R and artist development at Capitol Music Group, representing stars like Katy Perry, Halsey, and Sam Smith. Gordon started working for Capitol Music Group as the executive vice president of A&R and artist growth in September 2022. He’s also been an inspiring speaker since 2016. He wants to “inspire young people to do good and leave good behind for the person that follows” by using what he knows.

Who Is Gordon Dillard

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