Binge the Best of YouTube with DirecTV

DirecTV is a great platform to stream different shows and movies and offers a range of amazing and informative content with an extensive DirecTV channel lineup.

However, not everyone is interested in switching between channels to find what they want to watch. So, for that, YouTube is the best option in more ways than one. For example, it offers loads of content from different types of content creators, from all around the world. It is also a great source of information and learning materials.

Today, we are diving deep into the amazing world of YouTube and discover the various categories of content that exist, and who has the best content. And without wasting any more time, we will jump right into it!


Relax your mind, spirit, and body with calming sounds all around.

Gentle Whispering

Are you new to the ASMR world? Gentle Whispering is the place to go. This channel features calming sounds (whispering, tapping, and many more), which you can listen to relieve stress and generate positive vibes that genuinely improve the quality of life.

New Bliss

New Bliss is another comforting ASMR channel featuring ambient voices and cool, dynamic animations that perfectly enhance each video.

Comic Books

Learn about the history and lore of comic books and what makes some of them amazing.


ComicTropes brings the history of comic books with the host, Chris. Every episode includes a particular character, series, or writer, showing behind-the-scenes stories that are known to only a few. It is a great channel with loads of knowledge and humor to hook every viewer.

WhatCulture Comics

WhatCulture Comics brings comic book themes and showcases characters or teams’ intense, mild, and odd moments. So if you think you know everything about your favorite character or any story, think again, or watch this channel.


See how rich people handle their affairs or how they made it to where they are.

One Big Happy Life

If you want some life advice growing up, One Big Happy Life should be on your watch list. It provides inspiration for décor, advice about managing money better, how to organize things while living with a family, and more.

Our Rich Journey

A lot of things can impact your status and life in general, but you should know how to handle things accordingly. And this is exactly what the family on Our Rich Journey shows. It tells what steps the host took to gain financial independence and stability.


Food is love, and learning to cook amazing dishes is an art.

French Guy Cooking

French Guy Cooking is a channel about a home cook passionate about trying new things and solving issues. This channel showcases a variety of cooking involving tools and knowledge about certain ingredients. Some videos teach how to cook top-quality dishes, while some describe how to perfect a cooking recipe and what makes it unique.


Co-hosts Satoshi and Shinichi share their food experiences from life in Japan. They show all kinds of foods, including must-try dishes, restaurant eateries, street food, and their personal recipes. Also, they travel outside of Japan and show tasty foods from across the world.


Games are fun, but seeing their technical angles and learning more about them is also great.

Digital Foundary

Digital Foundary channel offers detailed reviews and analyses of video games from a technical view. Moreover, it discusses crazy lighting techniques and the performance of games on different platforms. If you are into such stuff and more, Digital Foundary is a must-follow.


IGN is among the oldest and top places for comics, film, television, and video game reporting. Moreover, it focuses on news, trailers, and reviews and provides an in-depth analysis of the games and gaming culture.

Movies and TV

Movies and TV offer great entertainment, but many also have lots of negative aspects to know.

Double Toasted

Double Roasted features reviews from the mind of a veteran and hilarious critic. The show hosts focus on good and bad Hollywood releases and review them in unique yet engaging ways.

Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies feature honest movie trailers that combine official footage and sarcastic commentary to present the respective movies differently. Moreover, the parody is even more lifted by the epic voice of the announcer.


It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology worldwide.

Linus Tech Tips

Keeping up with technology can get overwhelming in more ways than one, especially at a time when it is evolving at a rapid pace. So, if you want a short but insightful journey into the tech world, then Linus Tech Tips is the go-to place for many people worldwide. It offers in-depth analysis, multi-part testing, and reviews of new products with a very knowledgeable host.

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee is one of the most popular and amazing technology-loving personalities on YouTube. His channel MKBHD, now Marques Brownlee, offers all kinds of tech news- unboxings, reviews, details, comparisons, and deep analysis of top products on the market.

Final Takeaway

YouTube is a great place to gain new and incredible knowledge if you use it that way. Not only is it informative for adults, but it also has amazing shows and channels for kids. And what better way to watch YouTube with the whole family than on a big screen? So, subscribe to one of the DirecTV deals available at, and start streaming YouTube to gain more knowledge.


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