What Is “Cowboy Hat Rule” Trend On Tiktok – And It’s A Bold And Flirty Move!

Tiktoker is participating in the “Cowboy hat rule” trend, which many people enjoy and some people don’t. Stop sending winky faces by text. These days, if you’re interested in someone, show them with your headgear tiktok cannot stop talking about what is being called the cowboy hat rule. Don’t worry; we told you everything about this trend. This article tells you everything you need to know about the tiktok trend cowboy hat rule.

What Is Cowboy Hat Rule Trend On Tiktok?

There are Countless videos on TikTok referencing the cowboy hat rule. According to sources the cowboy hat rule means this: If you take someone’s cowboy hat and put it on your head, then you’re supposed to “Ride the cowboy, ” which means have s*x with them.

It’s basically the r-rated version of a guy putting his arm around a girl to show that he likes her.


Yeehaw ladies 💋 #cowboyhatetiquette #cowboyhatetiquette #notmyfirstrodeo #cowboy #countryboy #countrygirl

♬ That’s My Kind Of Night – Bridge – Luke Bryan

Why does this thing exist? No one knows how the rule got started. But it’s already showing up in books. Tiktok user @readwithyourgurltaayyy mentioned it in elise silver’s june 2022 book flawless. “You wear the cowboy hat; you ride the cowboy,” she quoted the romance book.

Even though trying on a guy’s cowboy hat at the bar or on a night out might be fun, the person who takes the cap should be earnest about ‘riding the cowboy.’ no joke. Because taking a cowboy’s hat off is usually seen as a sign of disrespect.


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♬ under the influence – =͟͟͞͞ ✧

“One of the most critical cowboy hat rules, according to pinto ranch, is that you shouldn’t touch or steal a cowboy’s hat. Ever. A cowboy hat is expensive and unique.

What Does Flicking Your Cowboy Hat Mean?

Before the cowboy hat rule became popular, men in videos were seen flicking the brims of their hats. Many of them were wearing cowboy hats.

Users wanted to know why the motion was happening since tiktok seems to make everything a “Thing” these days. But it wasn’t clear as the cowboy hat rule and could mean more than one thing. The simplest explanation for a hat flick was that it was just another way to say “Hi.”


The real hat flick @ashtonsteinike #country #cowboy #hatflick #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Kyle Patrick

But other people said that flicking your hat’s top could be seen as racist. One person who grew up on a sheep farm also told what their family thought the hat flick meant, which was a bit strange and scary. When a customer bought a sheep and then flicked the brim of his hat, it told them they would have s*x with the sheep.

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