What Is Getting ‘Zombied’ In Dating Trend On Tiktok – And It’s Worse Than ‘Ghosting’

You may have heard of getting “ghosted,” but did you know people are now “getting Zombied”? As more and more Tiktok users talk about their experiences with the new dating trend, let’s explain what it means.

Social media platforms are often taken over by several trends and problems, especially ones related to dating and relationships. A few months ago, Tiktok users were crazy about the Moon Phase Compatibility Calculator. This tool uses the moon’s shape on the day you and your partner were born to determine your relationship’s strength.

But the new dating trend involving getting “Zombied” isn’t as lovely as the one above. People want to get away from this kind of behavior. In This Article, we tell you about What Is Getting ‘Zombied’ In Dating Trend On TikTok – And It’s Worse Than ‘Ghosting.’

What Is Getting ‘Zombied’ In Dating Trend On Tiktok?

A new dating trend that started on Tiktok is getting “zombied.” It means that someone who has ghosted you in the past suddenly comes back into your life. The word “zombied” comes from bringing a dead person back to life. The trend has gotten much attention on the platform thanks to singer and songwriter Mariel Darling’s story about “getting zombied” and how she explained it.

She says that “Getting Zombied” means that an ex-partner or someone you casually hooked up with in the past contacts you after ignoring you for a while.

Ghosting is when someone stops talking to you altogether, but these “zombie” ex-partners don’t let you be alone and show up out of the blue after you haven’t spoken to them for a while.

In her popular video, Mariel says, “You’re Being Ghosted? I’m Out Here Being Zombied. It’s like ghosting, but after a few months, he returns from the dead and hits you up.”

Since the response to her Tiktok was so big, she’s now making a song about the trend. It will be out on May 5.


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What People Think About His Tik Tok Trend?

Mariel’s story has moved many people to discuss their experiences with the dating trend. Most of these stories are very funny.

One comment read:

“Have you ever noticed that they all zombie you at the same time? Like why are four guys from my past all hitting me up on the same day?”

Mine has a Jesus Christ complex, he comes back every 3 days. Sick of it.” said another.

A third person said: “Omg they come back 20 years later. Been going on for decades. lol”

Months?! Try years later acting like we spoke last week,” commented one TikTok user.

Another added: “As if getting ghosted wasn’t good enough. I hate the zombies that come back.”

How To Deal With It Getting Zombied Trend?

No one wants their feelings to be invalidated or, even worse, ignored as if they don’t exist. But you can only learn from becoming a zombie once, so be careful about what you do.

Experts say the best thing to do is to leave the zombie where it is and not let the person back into your life. After All, You Deserve Better!

But if you get zombied in situations over which you had no control, move on, add a gravestone emoji next to the zombie’s name on your contact list, and never look back.

As Mariel says: “You need to know your worth. You need to be confident in yourself and what you deserve.” 

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